Hi and welcome. Please use our "forum for new users for requests for article reviews. Regards KnudW (diskussion) 24. jun 2021, 14:41 (CEST)

Thank you for participating in this community project, BarbaraLuciano13. (Danmark dansk)
We would like to give you the opportunity to be free and productive. Here are a few directions that might help you:

If you have any questions regarding this edition of Wikipedia, please visit our embassy.

Kind regards, KnudW (diskussion) 24. jun 2021, 14:41 (CEST)

Stop, please. You're hasling users, some of which has not edited for years. You'll have to wait for a reaction on Hjælp:Nybegynderforum.

What's your involvement with Andrea Benetti? That's some crosswiki campaigning going on. KnudW (diskussion) 24. jun 2021, 15:19 (CEST)

I apologize @KnudW:. I have already finished, I did not know where to ask for help. Now I'm done, thanks again, --BarbaraLuciano13 (diskussion) 24. jun 2021, 18:35 (CEST)

Please restrain yourself. You’ve asked for assistance, now let the proces run. Do not move it into mainspace, do not hassle other editors again.

It’s been the same pattern everywhere you go. Stop, move on.

There might be an article , there might not, but that’s up to the local community to decide.

You didn’t answer my question on your involvement with him. KnudW (diskussion) 26. jun 2021, 08:11 (CEST)

Hi @KnudW:, I don't have any kind of involvement. I just did my thesis on his art, which I obviously love very much.
As for the article, I can tell you that in the Italian Wikipedia, where I have added and corrected many articles, it works differently, so I thought there were the same rules here. I apologize and await the normal course of things. Thanks again, --BarbaraLuciano13 (diskussion) 26. jun 2021, 09:39 (CEST)

Last warning. Stop. Move on. KnudW (diskussion) 29. jun 2021, 10:55 (CEST)

Question for you @KnudW:
why instead of always saying "stop", you don't help me to check the errors that are on the article? If you needed to write and correct an article in Italian, I would make myself available and I would do it. Can you only say "stop"? And don't you consider the collaborative spirit of Wikipedia? When I have written articles in other languages I have always found someone to help me, just as I have helped many. Think about what I tell you ... and thanks anyway for your "stops"! :) --BarbaraLuciano13 (diskussion) 29. jun 2021, 14:42 (CEST)
I'm saying stop, because you've stated your request and now you just need to wait. All users are volunteering their time and edit which ever subjects they find the most interesting. I don't find translating articles very interessting.
Furthermore, I can see that I'm not alone with my opinion, since cswiki has blocked you for exactly the same behaviour as here.
This might indicate that you need to change your approach, if you want to succed. KnudW (diskussion) 1. jul 2021, 15:54 (CEST)
Hi @KnudW:, I was thinking about it just today and came to the conclusion that I have a bad temper! I don't know how to wait. So, it costs me a lot, but I have to admit you're right. But our mistakes must serve to improve. So, however things go, I will not do anything more, but I will wait, hoping that sooner or later, someone will try to fix my article. Thanks for the lesson, --BarbaraLuciano13 (diskussion) 1. jul 2021, 16:16 (CEST)