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Med venlig hilsen Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 31. okt 2015, 12:30 (CET)

Only one user account!Rediger

Hi Philmonte101. I have noticed that you claim that you are the same as Bruger:NativeCat. Please observe, that a user is not allowed to use more than one account here. So which one will you use in the future? You risk being blocked if you use both accounts! --Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 31. okt 2015, 12:30 (CET)

This one. Philmonte101 (diskussion) 31. okt 2015, 16:12 (CET)
@ User:Amjaabc And since when did Wikipedia change its policy? Last time I checked, Wikipedia (at least the English one) allowed you to use as many accounts as you wanted, as long as you clarified that they are the same person and are not using them for malicious purposes/vandalism/avoiding blocks or bans? Philmonte101 (diskussion) 31. okt 2015, 16:13 (CET)
The policies of DA-wiki seem contradictory. WP:Sokkedukker doesn't say that you can't have multiple accounts just that you may not misuse them. On the other hand WP:Brugerkonti og -navne says you may have only one account. TorbenTT (diskussion) 31. okt 2015, 20:20 (CET)
The latter was the one I knew and referred to. I will not take further action if you don't misuse the two accounts, but I will suggest, that you stick to one of them (which I guess you will). --Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 31. okt 2015, 23:39 (CET)


Discussions on my talk page stay there until archived. --Palnatoke (diskussion) 1. nov 2015, 14:52 (CET)

I was trying to remove the attack, as an apology for getting too upset. Philmonte101 (diskussion) 1. nov 2015, 14:52 (CET)


Hi. Please note that we not make redirects for an article's English title. If someone wants to look up an article by its English name, they can go to the English Wikipedia. Besides, if someone can't look up an article by its Danish name, they probably can't read the Danish article. --Cgt (diskussion) 6. nov 2015, 14:08 (CET)

Size of pictues px/thumbRediger

I have noticed that you use fixed size of pictures in your artickles. We have stopped use that for aproximately one year ago. Instead of px we now use thumb without px. You can see how we do on Conestee Mill.mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 8. nov 2015, 09:22 (CET)

@ User:PerV Why do we care so much about that? Philmonte101 (diskussion) 8. nov 2015, 10:29 (CET)
@Philmonte101:First of all, when we make a decission on da wiki, I follow it, seccond from what I know fixed size of pictures makes problems on small screens, like I-pad or phones, so for the sake of our readers, danish wikipedia have long time ago dropped fixed size. So you, as a new user, should stick to that, otherwise other users will have to correct your mistakes.
I will gladly help you with language, if you need it, but I will not spend my time on changing from px to thumb, when you just as well can follow our agreements on da wiki from the beginning. mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 8. nov 2015, 10:51 (CET)
@ User:PerV Whoa, chill, I was only asking why we have a policy like that. I was just wondering. Very well, I'll follow this policy, it's not a big deal. Philmonte101 (diskussion) 8. nov 2015, 10:55 (CET)
Oh and by the way, thank you for all the help you've done with my articles. Philmonte101 (diskussion) 8. nov 2015, 11:02 (CET)


Hi again. Sources please. Every time. We've discussed this before. And you could consider keeping your longer articles in the sandbox until someone has proof read them. Regards Knud Winckelmann (diskussion) 20. dec 2015, 12:45 (CET)

Sorry about the references. And the problem with putting them in my user space is that I invite people to edit them there and no one ever does, but I notice when I publish the article people nicely contribute to editing it. Which is fine by me. Philmonte101 (diskussion) 20. dec 2015, 17:40 (CET)
If you find for example the number of inhabitants or date of foundation of a town you can just aswell list the source emidiately. The artickles I have look through today generally needs sources for these informations. And when you write about a geografic entity they generally have coords on commons, these you just aswell can link to through Skabelon:coord wd. And a small sigh. A town don't have any "forhøjelse" it's just not danish. In danish we express that with the term "xxx by ligger xxx m.o.h..
Pealse ad the sources, to number of inhabitants, and other figures and informations, that need sources yourself. To search for your sources would be the same as rewriting the artickle from the beginning. Please look at my corrections today of your artickles and learn from that. mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 20. dec 2015, 17:58 (CET)
Thank you for your corrections, and I really appreciate it. It helps me to better learn the language. Philmonte101 (diskussion) 20. dec 2015, 18:01 (CET)
You can look here where I would put sources on an artickle, and even how I would insert the source you actually had put on. mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 20. dec 2015, 18:11 (CET)
Why can't we just link to en:Michigan Bluff, California#References on the Referencer section? Philmonte101 (diskussion) 20. dec 2015, 18:13 (CET)
Because da wiki is an indepentdant wiki, we dont have a big brother, neither english, swedish nor german, and we write a wikipedia in danish, with sources. As many danish speak english we could follow your idea to the extreem and just let the artickle on Michigan Bluff be a redirect like this [[:en:Michigan Bluff, California|Michigan Bluff]]. But there is no question, that at least 20% of the danish readers wouldnt be able to read the most artickles. As I see your suggestion its more a question of lazyness, which will lover the quality of the artickle. You have the sources on en wiki, it's only a question of adding them to the artickle in danish, that can't be a big problem. High mood, danish is a difficult language, but you are doing good. Just add the sources ;) mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 20. dec 2015, 18:32 (CET)

I have just looked at the artickle about Michigan Bluff on en wiki, as I can see the only thing you couldnt directly import sources to is the height of the town, the m.o.h., the other informations I had put {{km}} on has sources in en wiki. Why do you think da wiki should be with less sources than en wiki?mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 20. dec 2015, 18:45 (CET)

Rentered my last paragraf which were deleted by Bruger:Philmonte101Rediger

Now you can look at Michigan Bluff. I have put the sources on, that I expected you to do. I hope you will do it in the future, it's part of writing the artickles. The unsourced artickles gives wikipedia a bad reputation, and risk to be deleted on sight. So not to waste your own time, please ad the sources when they are directly accessable on en wiki. Best wishes mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 20. dec 2015, 19:13 (CET)

Sorry. Philmonte101 (diskussion) 20. dec 2015, 19:15 (CET)
Pls note, you don't delete fom you talkpage. I have rentered my paragraf, but pls don't dele anything on talkpages anymore. mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 20. dec 2015, 19:25 (CET)
We have had a discussion about the headline of the paragraf you call "Referencer" according to that discussion we call the patagraf == Noter ==. But thx that you now include sources on the number of inhabitanst. I still hope you will include {{coord wd|type=settlemen|region=USA}} in artickles about towns. mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 21. dec 2015, 08:10 (CET)