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Med venlig hilsen Nico (diskussion) 27. jun 2014, 09:33 (CEST)

Notes/References and other stuffRediger

Hello good sir. It is good to see that you are trying to improve the Danish articles on physiology and anatomy. But it would be greatly appreciate if you would restrain from changing Danish words to the terms used in Terminologia Anatomica, as those are not necessarily used in the Danish language as mentioned here. If in doubt do not hesitate to contact either me, Medic or others on with a little knowledge in the area, so we can improve the articles together.

Furthermore, when applying a notes-section at the bottom on an article, please use "Referencer" or "Henvisninger" as the headline, and used the template {{reflist}}, instead of "Noter" and <references/>. mvh Tøndemageren (diskussion) 27. jun 2014, 22:44 (CEST)

I would still recommend not deleting Danish names from the articles - continuing this practice will be looked upon as vandalism. mvh Tøndemageren (diskussion) 27. jun 2014, 22:48 (CEST)
Dear Tøndemageren, please give sources for the Danish nomenclature. In many countries the knowledge of Latin is waning, and it reflects in the process that scientists, part of Academia, using ad-hoc translations from the nomcnelature they encounter in tEnglish publications, as they are not even aware that they have to use the Latin nomenclature. Scientists in biologyl neuroscience and psychology that are not probably trained in their own native language with a proper disection course, make use of all kind of hybrid nomenclature. So, in case you refer to common usage in Academia, please be aware, that it might partly derive from ignorance. So, please mention reliable sources that are not Anglophile. Thank you very much, with kind regards, Wimpus (diskussion) 27. jun 2014, 22:54 (CEST)
As mentioned elsewhere, I will not provide sources for you that I know my own language - but in regard to subtalamiske kerne here you go, used by the Danish Rigshospitalet - and many more of these can be found, but I will not use my time for this. If people uses hybrid nomenclature in the common language, it is what we will use on, which you must remember has different rules than So just one more time, I will kindly ask you to not change the Danish names anymore, as it will be looked upon as vandalism. mvh Tøndemageren (diskussion) 27. jun 2014, 23:02 (CEST)
Please use a scientific article or a reliable textbook. Given your typos, such as pariental (the only spelling you used) (were you mixing up parietal and parenteral?), and the fact that you completely misunderstand the general plan of the brain, I am not conviced that the info you provide based on I know my own language is trustworthy. So please give reliable sources. Thank you very much, with kind regards, Wimpus (diskussion) 27. jun 2014, 23:14 (CEST)
Knowledge of my language has nothing to do with the general plan of the brain - so I consider that a non-valid argument in this discussion. I will give you, that I made a mistake with parietal - but I wasn't mixing anything up. It was an honest mistake - which I'm glad you have corrected. Most Danish scientific articles are written in English, which therefore will be unable to give any substances to this discussion, while textbooks are written with whatever terms the author(s) likes. A sources coming from the highest medical facilty in Denmark should be enough - if it's not, then there is no way pleasing you. But in the end, I would still recommend you not changing Danish words before consulting me, Bruger:Medic, or others on with a little knowledge in the area. Should you continue your current practice, it will be look upon as vandalism. mvh Tøndemageren(diskussion) 27. jun 2014, 23:22 (CEST)
Your lack of knowledge of the general plan of the brain shows that are probably not well versed in the topic. Given that, I find it remarkable that you claim that you are able to differentiate between what is common and what is not common within Danish anatomical nomenclature. So, your claims are flawed at least. So, do you also believe that all the typos that I have corrected in the Latin terms in lemmata like nervus oculomotorius (neglecting the genitive case), hydrocephalus (hydro the Ancient Greek word for water, yeah right.. and cephalus means brain...eeeh), nervus tigeminus] (trigenimi is probably Danish orthography?) and in Anatomi (the errors are numerous: stiatum (without r) the same as Basalganglierne {?], and writing some nervi craniales as N. olfatorius, n. trochleus, n. faciales, n. vestibulocochlearus, n. assessoreus n. hypoglossis can be considered as vandalism) can be considered as changing good Danish words in something that is not correct? With kind regards, Wimpus (diskussion) 27. jun 2014, 23:53 (CEST)
I will again point out, that my knowledge of the general plan of the brain has nothing to do with language nor my ability to know which words are used in Denmark. Furthermore "I find it remarkable that you", as a non-Danish speaker, "claim that you are able to differentiate between what is common and what is not common within Danish anatomical nomenclature".
I fail to see how I should be acountable for articles I haven't made a single correcting in? But according to DDO, hydro does stem from the greek word for water, so at least that is correct in some way I think. But no, I don't think that "good Danish words..." - but changing subtalamiske kerne to nucleus subthalamicus is vandalism, as the Danish words are correct, which I now know you are unaware of due to not being able to speak or understand Danish.
I'm not here to stop you editing in, but I will be following every little edit you make, in order to make sure you are not doing anything that could possible make this encyclopedia into at medical textbook, instead of an encyclopedia intented for the broad public! I will gladly cooperate with you, but you have shown no signs of being willing to do this, unless it is done completely how you would like it done. This will be my final remark in this discussion - further vandalism will be punished on a reasonable scale. mvh Tøndemageren (diskussion) 28. jun 2014, 09:54 (CEST)


 Du er blevet blokeret i 15 minutter på grund af hærværk.
Du vil ikke kunne foretage nogen redigeringer før denne blokering er udløbet. Slet ikke denne advarsel på denne side, da dette også vil blive betragtet som hærværk.

Hvis du mener at blokeringen skyldes en fejl, kan du rette henvendelse til den administrator der har blokeret dig; se blokeringsloggen. mvh Tøndemageren (diskussion) 27. jun 2014, 23:04 (CEST)

Invitation to Medical TranslationRediger

Medical Translation Project

Invitation to the Medical Translation Project – a joint Wikimedia project started by the English language WikiProject Medicine!

Thank you for being one of the top Medical editors! I want to use this opportunity to introduce you to our most ambitious project.

We want to use Wikipedia to spread knowledge where it will be used. Studies have shown that Wikipedia is the most common resource of medical knowledge, and used by more people than any other source! We want high quality articles, available to everyone, regardless of language ability. It isn't right that you would need to know a major language to get hold of quality content!

That is why in the recent Ebola crisis (which is still ongoing) we translated information into over 70 languages, many of them small African languages. This was important, as Wikipedia was also shown to be the biggest resource used in Africa for information on Ebola! We see tremendous potential, but also great risks as our information needs to be accurate and well-researched. We only translate articles that have been reviewed by medical doctors and experts, so that what we translate is correct. Many of our translators are professionals, but many are also volunteers, and we need more of you guys – both to translate, but also to import finished translations, and fix grammatical or other style issues that are introduced by the translation process.

Our articles are not only translated into small languages, but also to larger ones, but as of 2015 this requires users to apply for an article to be translated, which can be done here (full articles, short articles) with an easy to manage google document.

So regardless of your background head over to our main page for more information, or to our talk page and ask us questions. Feel free to respond in any language, we will do our best to find some way to communicate. No task is too small, and we need everyone to help out!

I hope you will forgive me for sending this message in English – we also need translators for messages like this, and above all local language community managers, which act as a link between us and you. Also I can not reply on your talk page, so please go to our talk page!

Thank you for helping medical information on Wikipedia grow! -- CFCF 🍌 (email) 15:37, 28 January 2015 (UTC)

Google Translation of this message

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