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Brug redigér

Generelt redigér

This template is to be placed on template site of user languages. It is intended primarily for Userboxes (such as Template:User en-ca-1), and it should not be placed on mainspace articles. It is written as (example for English):


You write only English (not language: the template writes that by itself).

Language void redigér

For most languages, saying "language" after it is necessary to direct it straight to the language's mainspace page, but sometimes saying "language" directs it to a red link. To stop this problem put:


Different category redigér

This template automatically puts the template in its User template category, to redirect to a different User templates category do this, using the Scottish language as an example:

{{languages|Scottish English|en-sco|catalt=en}}

Category sections redigér

By default the template categories templates like:

Template:User en-1

Template:User en-2

And so on, but if you wanted to replace these with different abbreviations such as:

Template:User en-ca-1
Template:User en-ca-2

Template:User en-1
Template:User en-2

Add |sections= with the abbreviated code, such as "ca" or "en", etc. Do not place the "-", at the end of "sections" as was done previously, this will screw up the chronological order.

Voiding the category redigér

Some templates, such as the blank series and other fictional languages, do not need to have their own category. To void the category completely, use this wikitext markup text:


Format redigér

If all of these functions were used on one template they would look like this:


Please note catalt, sections and # cannot exist if catvoid exists.

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