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ingen redigeringsopsummering
(Strike-thru (dansk-norsk: stryke igjennom to bokstaver))
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I just got off my 3-month block for "not-quite-sure-whose-toes-I-stepped-upon", and I am not sure which topics were the most likely "flashpoints".) [[Bruger:Sju hav|Sju hav]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Sju hav|diskussion]]) 10. jun 2018, 19:06 (CEST)
==the potential for wiki-injustice or sneakiness to avoid due process towards 'users-that-do-not-fit-the-mold'==
Hi Jimbo Wales,
just got off a six-month ban (for unspecified infraction). Be that as it may, this Wikipedia did have some incidents of<br>
"now this-user-or-that-user's temporary block, has expired. Now,<br>
things on Wikipedia in general, have been 'very quiet', so therefore if Wikipedia permanently bans that person, then things '''might''' remain quiet.<br>
Users have been permanently blocked, by that rationale (on this Wikipedia). That is okay, perhaps.<br>
I might be next in line (and that is no big deal, in the bigger picture of the history of man). <br>
I have not followed this Wikipedia, for the last six months;<br>
However, one should be on the lookout, that this Wikipedia (and other Wikpedias) should have enoug checks and balances, in place.<br>
If I see anything alarming, then I expect to inform your user page.<br>
(Of course, if I get blocked or permanently banned,<br>
then that would be an obstacle). Regards! [[Bruger:Sju hav|Sju hav]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Sju hav|diskussion]]) 16. jul 2019, 07:56 (CEST)