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(Slette-diskussion - engelsk-wiki (2016). Slettet)
[ WIKI.EN] “Let me kindly disagree about the proposition to delete this page. Taurino Araujo is a notorious person of Bahia, not the kind of popularity singers, soccer players, TV or movie actors have. He has a relevant profile on media, appearing to answer questions about law, justice and social sciences, to make it crystal clear, indeed he is a professor and the youngest person honored with the highest decoration of Bahia's parliament, representing more than 14 million inhabitants. It is common sense, quite a rule of thumb, to give such a decoration to whom has about 60 years old or more. He got it at age 44. He is notable, lots of people guess, let’s say 14 million. It´s weird, but he is the only one notorious holding a [ João Mangabeira Medal - CBJM] not present in pt.wikipedia, maybe envy or some kind of dictatorship lovers revenge. Some say attorneys are Devil´s creation, as so are politicians and professors. This guy is all of these. But let me tell you, even under the heavy truncheon of dictatorship in Brazil, he gave his contribution to nowadays democracy and freedom. There are lots of other info you can get in the article, make a try. His notoriety is based on the recognition of his peers, the people of Bahia, his work, his professional journey and the recognition made real with medals, titles and decorations. You can’t get such things on Ebay for some bucks. I mean some things has value, others has a price tag. So, I ask to maintain the page because, as we can infer, this proposition is based on mislead. The belief is that a page must be deleted everywhere without criteria because it was deleted someware. We must pay attention to the [[WP:WHACAMOLE]] game and [[WP:POINT]]”.[[Bruger:Spada Nuova|Spada Nuova]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Spada Nuova|diskussion]]) 20. jan 2016, 22:11 (CET)
:[ Slette-diskussion - engelsk-wiki (2016)].
:Det er måske nok, at hans navn nevnes, i en artikkel om
:[ Meritorious Citizen of the Freedom and Social Justice João Mangabeira (CBJM)], en artikel som sproglenke til cirka 6 språk. [[Bruger:Sju hav|Sju hav]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Sju hav|diskussion]]) 18. jul 2019, 16:24 (CEST)