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== RHK Festival ==
Hej, KnudW
Sorry for using a draft, I must have scrambled the EN og DA URLs. You stated that the article I was trying to submit (RHK Festival) does not meet the criteria for articles. I would like to object that the festival is relevant due to the following:
1. It is a non-profit, volunteer-driven festival that benefits young artist by providing them an audience and exposure to the Danish music scene, hence it can be considered culturally relevant;
2. It has been established by one of the oldest dormitories in Denmark and it's residents - Righospitalets Kollegium, and is now a beloved tradition for a whole generation;
3. It is established part of the diverse music and young scene in Copenhagen and has been a host to more than 4000 guests every year since 2012;
I want to add a reference for it to the original article of Righospitalets Kollegium and create a separate one as well, to benefit the artists playing on the festival stages and let the festival and its traditions carry their mark properly. In the category there are festivals with a similar size that have been featured and have their own pages.
I hope this is sufficient for revising the decision.