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==Flora og fauna==
Vegetation along the river in the upper catchment includes [[riparian]] woodlands composed of paperbarks including; ''[[Melaleuca argentea]]'', ''[[Melaleuca bracteata]]'' and ''[[Melaleuca fluviatilis]]'' and sub-dominant eucalypts including [[Eucalyptus camaldulensis|River Red Gum]], [[Eucalyptus coolabah|Coolabah]], with minor [[Lysiphyllum cunninghamii|Bauhinia]]. Other species found include the [[Acacia salicina|wattle]]. Infestations of weeds such as [[Acacia nilotica|Prickly acacia]], Noogoora burr, Rubber vine and [[Zizyphus mauritiana|Chonky apple]] are also found.<ref name=RD>{{cite web|url=|title=Richmond Dam and irrigation development proposal ecological issues|date=July 1998|accessdate=31 May 2015|author=Tait, Jim|publisher=[[James Cook University]]|archive-url=|archive-date=4 March 2016|url-status=live|df=dmy-all}}</ref> The understorey is dominated by a closed cover of riparian grasses including native couch on the sandy loams adjacent the stream channels.
[[File:Mangrove Honeyeater Decept.Bay Dec06.jpg|thumb|Mangrovehonningæder|alt=]]
[[File:Edward Jukes Greig - Arrival of Burke & Wills at Flinders River, 1862.jpg|thumb|left|Edward Jukes Greig - Arrival of Burke & Wills atankommer til Flinders River, malet af Edward Jukes Greig i 1862]]
Historisk har området været beboet af de [[Aboriginere|aboriginske]] stammer Kalkadoon, Mitakoodi, Kukatj, Guthaarn, Mayi-Yapi, Mayi-Kulan, Mayi-Thakurti, Ngawun, Wanamarra, Mbara, Jirandali og Gugu-Badhun, som har været i området i tusinder af år.<ref name=sgc/>