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:The reason for stopping the bot was it's insertion of the template Webarchive right after the external link which some times is done out of context in relation to a manually formatted reference. I've found this [[:en:special:diff/9447648|example]] of enwiki (look for example at many of the first 13 references). We are discussing to change the webarchive template so that the archiving text gets surrounded with parenthesis like this: "(archived 15 December 2018 at the Wayback Machine)". Now when we see how fast the bot works (and assuming it will continue to run in the coming years when links are dying) we are also considering only to archive the dead links as you mention. [[Bruger:Dipsacus fullonum]] would like to know if the bot could be set to only insert archive links in [[:en:Wikipedia:Citation templates|reference templates]] and not also in manually formatted references.--[[Bruger:Weblars|Weblars]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Weblars|diskussion]]) 23. jan 2021, 18:03 (CET)
:: The bot cannot be configured to run on templates only. However, the bot can be adjusted to treat the webarchive and other templates differently; the configuration options are available [ here]. Do you have a sense of when the changes to the webarchive template will be done and the bot can resume? [[Bruger:Harej|Harej]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Harej|diskussion]]) 2. feb 2021, 20:21 (CET)
== En lille hilsen ==
Hej Weblars! Jeg håber du har det godt. Du har jo været lidt stille på det seneste, men jeg håber du bare trænger til en lille pause. --[[Bruger:MGA73|MGA73]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:MGA73|diskussion]]) 23. feb 2021, 17:46 (CET)