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== ''This Month in GLAM'': February 2021 ==
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| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:This Month in GLAM logo 2018.png|350px|center|link=outreach:GLAM/Newsletter]]<br />
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<div style="font-size:12pt; font-family:Times New Roman; text-align:center;">[[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021|<span style="color:darkslategray;">This Month in GLAM – Volume XI, Issue II, February 2021</span>]]</div>
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| <span style="font-size:12pt; font-family:Times New Roman;"> '''<u>Headlines</u>'''</span>
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* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/Albania report|Albania report]]: Recruiting two PMs; Budget Report 2020; Wikipedia 20th Bday
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/Australia report|Australia report]]: Who do we think we are?
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/Brazil report|Brazil report]]: New GLAM tutorials in Portuguese
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/Estonia report|Estonia report]]: WikiMuseum
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/Finland report|Finland report]]: Focus on learning
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/Indonesia report|Indonesia report]]: PD Day 2021 in Indonesia, #1lib1ref, Wikisource workshop
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/Netherlands report|Netherlands report]]: Historical Maps; Share your Data on colonial heritage; Knowledge platform for heritage institutions
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/Serbia report|Serbia report]]: Amazing results of the January #1Lib1Ref campaign
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/Sweden report|Sweden report]]: Medieval ballads; Project HBTQI
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/Switzerland report|Switzerland report]]: 50 Years Women's Suffrage in Switzerland & More
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/UK report|UK report]]: Khalili Collections
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/USA report|USA report]]: Black History Month and Smithsonian anniversary
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/WMF GLAM report|WMF GLAM report]]: Project Grants, Analytics for GLAMs, and Shared Citations
* [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Contents/Events|Calendar]]: March's GLAM events
| style="font-family:Times New Roman; text-align:center; font-size:85%;" | [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter|Read this edition in full]] &bull; [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/February 2021/Single|Single-page]]
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To assist with preparing the newsletter, please visit the [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/Newsroom|newsroom]]. Past editions may be viewed [[outreach:GLAM/Newsletter/Archives|here]].
<div style="margin-top:10px; font-size:90%; padding-left:5px; font-family:Georgia, Palatino, Palatino Linotype, Times, Times New Roman, serif;">[[m:GLAM/Newsletter/About|About ''This Month in GLAM'']] · [[m:Global message delivery/Targets/GLAM|Subscribe/Unsubscribe]] · [[m:MassMessage|Global message delivery]] · [[:m:User:Romaine|Romaine]] 11. mar 2021, 17:00 (CET)</div>
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