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::::: {{ping|Jhertel}} Det samme her :-) --[[Bruger:MGA73|MGA73]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:MGA73|diskussion]]) 17. jun 2021, 13:48 (CEST)
<code></code>== mismatches between whitelist and configuration ==
At we have a handful of templates that are intended to act as non-English to English cs1|2 template translators. I am writing a Lua module to do a better job of those translations. I notice that some parameters in [[Modul:Citation/CS1/Whitelist]] are not in [[Modul:Citation/CS1/Configuration]] and also some parameters listed in Modul:Citation/CS1/Configuration are not in Modul:Citation/CS1/Whitelist.
* {{re|Trappist the monk}} Thanks a lot. I have not updated the Danish module yet. I got stuck in the last changes but someone said yes to have a look and check if it is ready to fly. Your hack will be very handy and make it easier to check for errors. I really hope that from now on it will be much easier to implemet changes from English Wikipedia. Thanks a lot for your help. --[[Bruger:MGA73|MGA73]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:MGA73|diskussion]]) 30. aug 2021, 08:13 (CEST)
*:Because my notices list shows that you thanked me for an edit I made to [[Modul:Citation/CS1/sandkasse]] several months ago, I have added the ability to evaluate the sandboxen. To do that, set <code>[[Modul:Sandkasse/trappist_the_monk/parameter_match_test#L-30|use_sandboxen = true;]]</code>. <code>=p.aliases_dups</code>, I think, has particularly interesting results.
*:—[[Bruger:Trappist the monk|Trappist the monk]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Trappist the monk|diskussion]]) 30. aug 2021, 15:24 (CEST)