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Thanks for your contribution to keeping cross-wiki spam. This person is obviously irrelevant, his awards are completely insignificant. I won't bother Danish Wikipedia again, if you wanna keep this promotional trash... --[[Bruger:Icodense99|Icodense99]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Icodense99|diskussion]]) 10. sep 2021, 13:48 (CEST)
:As such, I have no opinion on the matter, but if you look at the article's talk page, you will find the conclusion on a proposed deletion, so it is pointless to ask for a speedy deletion of the article. [[Bruger:Thomas Vedelsbøl|Thomas Vedelsbøl]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Thomas Vedelsbøl|diskussion]]) 10. sep 2021, 14:43 (CEST)