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Tag: Levering af massebesked
Tag: Levering af massebesked
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== Wikidata weekly summary #490 ==
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<div style="margin-top:10px; padding-left:5px; font-family:Georgia, Palatino, Palatino Linotype, Times, Times New Roman, serif;">''Here's your quick overview of what has been happening around Wikidata over the last week.''</div>
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* '''Discussions'''
**New request for comments
*** [[d:Wikidata:Requests for comment/Frequency of YouTube follower count data|Frequency of YouTube follower count data]]
*** [[d:Wikidata:Requests for comment/Should previously linked Wikipedia articles be separated?|Should previously linked Wikipedia articles be separated?]]
* '''[[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Events|Events]]'''
** Upcoming:
*** We’re celebrating the [[d:Wikidata:Ninth_Birthday|9th birthday of Wikidata]] on October 29 during the WikidataCon 🎂 Did you know that you can participate in the celebration by preparing a birthday present or attending events? [ Here’s how you can get involved!]
*** Next Linked Data for Libraries [[Wikidata:WikiProject LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group/Affinity Group Calls|LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group]] call: Scottish Accused Witches Project with Ewan McAndrew and Emma Carroll (University of Edinburgh). [ ], Oct 19th.
*** [[d:Wikidata:WikiProject Govdirectory/Events|WikiProject Govdirectory Collab Hour]], October 22
*** LIVE Wikidata editing #58 - [ YouTube], [ Facebook], October 23 at 18:00 UTC
*** [[d:Wikidata:Events/Swedish_online_editathon#Träff_#84|Online Wikidata meetup in Swedish #84]], October 24
*** [ IT Festival Without Borders from 21 to 23 October 2021 in Rovereto] - ''There will be a Wikidata for SPARQL queries workshop for high school and university students.''
** Ongoing:
*** Weekly Lexemes Challenge #12, [ Health professions]
*** #12MonthsofOSM, [ mapping historical features]
* '''[[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Press coverage|Press, articles, blog posts, videos]]'''
** Blogs
*** [ Introduction to for Wikidata users] in French (Introduction à Observable pour les utilisateurs de Wikidata)
*** [ Learning to edit Wikidata is challenging; we aim to make it easier with this interactive course]
*** Manuscripts on Wikidata: the state of the art? by [[d:User:MartinPoulter|Martin Poulter]]
*** [ Digital scholarship in archives: A data case study]
** Papers
*** Accepted papers for the Wikidata Workshop at ISWC have been published:
*** [ Detecting Cross-Language Plagiarism using Open Knowledge Graphs]
** Videos
*** Wikidata Scripts and gadgets (in French) - [ YouTube]
*** Import RDF data from Wikidata (part 11) - [ YouTube]
*** New introductory working hour on Wikidata (in Italian) - [ YouTube]
*** Building Wikidata - Queries with Wikidata Query Service (in Spanish) - [ YouTube]
*** Building Wikidata - Databases and Open Refine (in Spanish) - [ YouTube]
*** How to retrieve the list of works by Canadian authors available on Wikisource? (in French) - [ YouTube]
** Other:
*** Research project: [ How can museums improve the usability of collection APIs?]
* '''Tool of the week'''
** [ Snowman] is a static site generator for SPARQL backend ([ source])
* '''Other Noteworthy Stuff'''
** [[d:Wikidata:WikidataCon 2021/Program/Day 2 and 3 - Community tracks|Submissions for day 2 and 3 of WikidataCon]] are still open. You can submit sessions about a variety of topics until October 20
**Sina Ahmadi has released a [ SPARQL query generator for lexicographical data]
**Wikidata [[:d:Wikidata:Project_chat#Introducing_P10000:_Research_Vocabularies_Australia_ID|reached the 10000th numbered property]], with the creation of P10000 [[:d:Property:P10000|Research Vocabularies Australia]]. (There are currently [ 9285 pages in the Property namespace].)
** [ Wikidata now has over 600,000 Lexemes!]
** [ Learn Wikidata] is an online interactive course created by the Vanderbilt University thanks to a WikiCite grant and available in English, Spanish and Chinese. [ More information here].
** The 3<sup>rd</sup> edition of the [[m:Coolest Tool Award|Coolest Tool Award]] is looking for nominations (see [ announcement on wikimedia-l]). Please submit your favorite tools by October 27<sup>th</sup>. The awarded projects will be announced and showcased in a virtual ceremony in December.
* '''Did you know?'''
** Newest [[d:Special:ListProperties|properties]]:
*** General datatypes: [[:d:Property:P9969|catalogue raisonné]], [[:d:Property:P9970|predicate for]], [[:d:Property:P9971|has thematic relation]], [[:d:Property:P9972|illustrative content]], [[:d:Property:P9974|ITU radio emission designation]], [[:d:Property:P9977|isotopically modified form of]], [[:d:Property:P9989|stylized name]], [[:d:Property:P9994|record number]], [[:d:Property:P9998|excitation energy]]
*** External identifiers: [[:d:Property:P9947|WDG lemma ID]], [[:d:Property:P9948|The World Factbook country ID]], [[:d:Property:P9949|AFNIL publisher ID]], [[:d:Property:P9950|RICS company code]], [[:d:Property:P9951|Greek Castles ID]], [[:d:Property:P9952|Gente di Tuscia ID]], [[:d:Property:P9953|Lexicon of Medieval Nordic Law ID]], [[:d:Property:P9954|Product and Service Code]], [[:d:Property:P9955|SAM ID]], [[:d:Property:P9956|IRIS Sapienza author ID]], [[:d:Property:P9957|museum-digital place ID]], [[:d:Property:P9958|Det Norske Akademis Ordbok ID]], [[:d:Property:P9959|PDDikti ID]], [[:d:Property:P9960|VI.BE platform ID]], [[:d:Property:P9961|Owler company ID]], [[:d:Property:P9962|Ordbog over det danske sprog ID]], [[:d:Property:P9963|Svenska Akademins Ordbok-section ID]], [[:d:Property:P9964|Kalliope-Verbund ID]], [[:d:Property:P9965| artist ID]], [[:d:Property:P9966|United Nations Treaty Collection object ID]], [[:d:Property:P9967|Washington Rare Plant Field Guide ID (Web version)]], [[:d:Property:P9968|RAWG game ID]], [[:d:Property:P9973|TMOK ID]], [[:d:Property:P9975|Vokrug sveta article]], [[:d:Property:P9976|copyright registration]], [[:d:Property:P9978|Eneström Number]], [[:d:Property:P9979|NRK TV ID]], [[:d:Property:P9980|NLI Archive (bibliographic) ID]], [[:d:Property:P9981|L'Unificazione ID]], [[:d:Property:P9982|IGI Global Dictionary ID]], [[:d:Property:P9983|Enciclopedia dei ragazzi ID]], [[:d:Property:P9984|CANTIC ID]], [[:d:Property:P9985|EMBO member ID]], [[:d:Property:P9986|NDL earlier law ID]], [[:d:Property:P9987|AbandonSocios ID]], [[:d:Property:P9988|Bat Sheva Archive ID]], [[:d:Property:P9990| book ID]], [[:d:Property:P9991| ebook ID]], [[:d:Property:P9992|CantoDict word ID]], [[:d:Property:P9993|CantoDict character ID]], [[:d:Property:P9995|MYmovies person ID]], [[:d:Property:P9996|Chi era Costui plaque ID]], [[:d:Property:P9997|Bowers acronym]], [[:d:Property:P9999|Turkish Cinema Archive Database person ID]], [[:d:Property:P10000|Research Vocabularies Australia ID]], [[:d:Property:P10001|Austrian Football Association player ID]], [[:d:Property:P10002|Dewan Negara ID]], [[:d:Property:P10003| ID]], [[:d:Property:P10004|Dewan Rakyat ID]], [[:d:Property:P10005| ID]]
** New [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Property proposal|property proposals]] to review:
*** General datatypes: [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/merger|merger]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/split-off|split-off]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/choreography for|choreography for]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/classification, compartmentalisation, or information category for this document|classification, compartmentalisation, or information category for this document]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Hotel rating|Hotel rating]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/NatureScot Sitelink ID|NatureScot Sitelink ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/pole positions|pole positions]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/podium finishes|podium finishes]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/StopGame ID|StopGame ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/fastest laps|fastest laps]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Amends|Amends]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/heading|heading]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Conway polyhedron notation|Conway polyhedron notation]]
*** External identifiers: [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Australian Reptile Online Database ID|Australian Reptile Online Database ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Research Data Australia ID|Research Data Australia ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub resource ID|Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub resource ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Parliament of Australia MP ID|Parliament of Australia MP ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Trove work ID|Trove work ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Geographical Names Board of NSW geoname ID|Geographical Names Board of NSW geoname ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Apple Music track ID|Apple Music track ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Bokmålsordboka-ID|Bokmålsordboka-ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Nynorskordboka-ID|Nynorskordboka-ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Birdata ID|Birdata ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/IRIS Superior Graduate Schools IDs|IRIS Superior Graduate Schools IDs]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Australian Trade Mark Number|Australian Trade Mark Number]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Australian Prints + Printmaking artist ID|Australian Prints + Printmaking artist ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Australian Prints + Printmaking work ID|Australian Prints + Printmaking work ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/FFCAM ID|FFCAM ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/TVSA ID|TVSA ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Academy of Russian Television person ID|Academy of Russian Television person ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/NSW Parliament Member ID|NSW Parliament Member ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Australian Statistical Geography 2021 ID|Australian Statistical Geography 2021 ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/KPU Calon 2019|KPU Calon 2019]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Monaco Nature Encyclopedia ID|Monaco Nature Encyclopedia ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ ID| ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ film ID| film ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Norgeshistorie ID|Norgeshistorie ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/AHPRA registration number|AHPRA registration number]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/PubCRIS product number|PubCRIS product number]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Toolhub ID|Toolhub ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Spotify user ID|Spotify user ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Dizionario di Medicina ID|Dizionario di Medicina ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Dizionario delle Scienze Fisiche ID|Dizionario delle Scienze Fisiche ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ORIAS number|ORIAS number]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/SNSF person ID|SNSF person ID]]
** Query examples:
*** [ List of written works authored by recent Nobel laureate Joshua Angrist] (via [[d:Template:Item documentation]] on [[d:Talk:Q921499]])
*** [$a Books by Canadian authors with a Wikisource page] ([ Source])
*** [ Repetitive taxon names] ([ Source])
*** [$ Count of sitelinks of museums/tourist attractions in the US] ([ Source])
*** [ Map of French communes that are >30 characters long] ([ Source])
*** [ Lexemes in Swedish that are missing in Svenska Akademiens Ordbok (Q1935308)] ([ Source])
*** [ Attendance at the Bargoin, Roger-Quilliot and Henri-Lecoq museums per year] ([ Source])
*** [ Present and past members of Czech Chamber of Deputies who are relatives] ([ Source])
* '''Development'''
** [[d:Wikidata:Mismatch Finder|Mismatch Finder]]: We are continuing the work on the review part of the system. We are working on letting reviewers submit their decision if the mismatch is on Wikidata, the other database, both or neither.
** In the previous week we migrated all Wikimedia wikis to use the new change dispatching system. This system is responsible for notifying the other wikis about edits made on Wikidata that affect their articles so the article is refreshed and edits are added to recent changes and watchlists. This week we monitored the new system and investigated and fixed a few issues that came up.
[[phab:maniphest/query/4RotIcw5oINo/#R|You can see all open tickets related to Wikidata here]]. If you want to help, you can also have a look at [ the tasks needing a volunteer].
* '''Monthly Tasks'''
** Add labels, in your own language(s), for the new properties listed above.
** Comment on property proposals: [[d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Overview|all open proposals]]
** Contribute to a [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Showcase items|Showcase item]].
** Help [[d:Special:LanguageStats|translate]] or proofread the interface and documentation pages, in your own language!
** [[d:User:Pasleim/projectmerge|Help merge identical items]] across Wikimedia projects.
** Help [[d:Wikidata:Status updates/Next|write the next summary!]]
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