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Siden en ung alder har Yo-Yo Ma spillet [[cello]] med de største klassiske orkestre i verden, ligesom han har modtaget en lang række internationale priser og anerkendelser for sit arbejde. Blandt andet fik han [[Polar Music Prize]] i [[2012]].<ref>[ Million-musikpris går til garvede mænd], (8. maj 2012), [[DR]]</ref>
== Diskografi ==
*''Finzi: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra Op. 40 (reissued 2007)''
*''Robert White Sings Beethoven''
*''Saint-Saëns: Carnival of the Animals | Variations on a Theme of Beethoven, OP. 35 | Polonaise, OP. 77''
*''Saint-Saëns and Lalo: Cello Concertos''
*''Beethoven: Triple Concerto in C Major, Op.56''
*''Haydn: Cello Concertos''
*''Beethoven: Complete Sonatas for Cello and Piano, Vol. 1'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]])
*''Kreisler, Paganini''
*''Bach: Sonatas for Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord''
*''Bach: The Six Unaccompanied Cello Suites''
*''Shostakovich and Kabalevsky: Cello Concertos''
*''Beethoven: Cello Sonatas, Op.5, Nos.1 & 2''
*''Kreisler, Paganini: Works''
*''Bolling: Suite for Cello and Jazz Piano Trio''
*''Beethoven: Complete Sonatas for Cello and Piano, Vol. 2'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]])
*''Schubert: String Quintet''
*''Haydn: Three Favorite Concertos -- Cello, Violin and Trumpet Concertos''
*''Beethoven Sonatas, Volume 2, No. 3, Op. 69; No. 5 Op. 102, No. 2''
*''Japanese Melodies''
*''Elgar, Walton: Cello Concertos''
*''Mozart: Divertimento, K.563''
*''Brahms: Sonatas for Cello and Piano'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]])
*''Schubert: Quintet in C Major''
*''Strauss: Don Quixote; Schoenberg: Concerto''
*''Beethoven: Complete Sonatas for Cello and Piano, Vol. 3'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]])
*''Dvořák: Cello Concerto''
*''Beethoven: Cello Sonata No.4; Variations''
*''Boccherini: Concerto | J.C. Bach: Sinfonia Concertante and Grand Overture''
*''Mozart: Adagio and Fugue in C Minor | Schubert: String Quartet No.15''
*''Beethoven: Complete Cello Sonatas''
*''Schumann: Cello Concerto | Fantasiestucke, Op. 73 | Adagio and Allegro, Op. 70 | Funf Stucke im Volkston, Op. 102'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]])
*''Dvořák: Piano Trios'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]] and [[Young Uck Kim]])
*''Brahms: Double Concerto; Piano Quartet'' (tracks 1-3, med [[Chicago Symphony Orchestra]] med [[Claudio Abbado]], conductor; tracks 4-7, med [[Emanuel Ax]], [[Isaac Stern]], and [[Jaime Laredo]])
*''Shostakovich: Piano Trio | Cello Sonata'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]])
*''[[Samuel Barber|Barber]]: Cello Concerto | [[Benjamin Britten|Britten]]: Symphony for Cello & Orchestra''
*''Strauss and Britten: Cello Sonatas'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]])
*''Shostakovich: Quartet No.15 | Gubaidulina: Rejoice!''
*''[[Anything Goes: Stephane Grappelli & Yo-Yo Ma Play (Mostly) Cole Porter]]''
*''Great Cello Concertos: Dvořák, Elgar, Haydn, Saint-Saëns, Schumann''
*''The Japanese Album''
*''Portrait of Yo-Yo Ma''
*[[Dmitri Shostakovich|Shostakovich]]: ''Symphony No.5''; ''Cello Concerto''
*''Mozart: Serenade No. 10 | Sonata for Bassoon and Cello''
*''[[Brahms]]: The Piano Quartets'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]], [[Isaac Stern]], and [[Jaime Laredo]])
** 2 CDs: Piano Quartet No.1, op. 25 and No. 3, op. 60; Piano Quartet No. 2, op. 26
*''A Cocktail Party''
*''Strauss: Don Quixote; [[Die Liebe der Danae]]''
*''Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff: Cello Sonatas'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]])
*''Tchaikovsky Gala in Leningrad''
*''[[Brahms: Double Concerto]]; [[Berg: Chamber Concerto]]''
*''[[Saint-Saëns: Cello Concerto No.1]]; [[Saint-Saëns: Piano Concerto No.2|Piano Concerto No.2]]; [[Saint-Saëns: Violin Concerto No.3|Violin Concerto No.3]]''
*''[[Hush (Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin album)|Hush]]'' (med [[Bobby McFerrin]])
*''Prokofiev: Sinfonia Concertante | Tchaikovsky: Variations''
*''Brahms: String Sextets | Theme and Variations for Piano''
*''Brahms: Sonatas for Cello and Piano'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]])
*''[[Saint-Saëns: Organ Symphony]]; [[Bacchanale (Yo-Yo Ma album)|Bacchanale]]; [[Marche Militaire (Saint-Saëns)|Marche Militaire]]; [[Carnaval des animaux]]; [[Danse Macabre (album)|Danse Macabre]]''
*''Schoenberg: Verklarte Nacht | String Trio''
*''[[Made in America (Yo-You Ma album)|Made in America]]''
*''[[Yo-Yo Ma at Tanglewood]] (VHS)''
*[[Gabriel Fauré|Faure]]: ''Piano Quartets'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]], [[Isaac Stern]], and [[Jaime Laredo]])
*''[[Immortal Beloved]]''
*''[[Chopin: Chamber Music]]'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]] (tracks 1-9), [[Pamela Frank]] (tracks 1-4), and [[Ewa Osinska]] (track 10))
*''The New York Album''
*''[[Greatest Hits: Gershwin]]''
*''[[Greatest Hits: Tchaikovsky]]''
*''[[Beethoven, Schumann: Piano Quartets]]'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]], [[Isaac Stern]], and [[Jaime Laredo]])
*''[[Dvořák in Prague: A Celebration]]''
*''[[Concertos from the New World]]''
*''[[Greatest Hits: Saint-Saëns]]''
*''[[Tackling the Monster: Marsalis on Practice]] (VHS)''
*''[[Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart: Clarinet Trios]]'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]] and [[Richard Stoltzman]])
*''[[The Essential Yo-Yo Ma]]''
*''[[Premieres: Cello Concertos by Danielpour, Kirchner and Rouse]]''
*''[[Schubert and Boccherini String Quintets]]''
*''[[Lieberson: King Gesar]] | Corigliano: Phantasmagoria'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]] (all tracks), tracks 1-7: [[Omar Ebrahim]], [[Peter Serkin]], [[Andras Adorjan]], [[Deborah Marshall]], [[William Purvis (French horn player)|William Purvis]], [[David Taylor (musician)| David Taylor]], [[Stefan Huge]], and [[Peter Lieberson]])
*''[[Appalachia Waltz]]''
*[[Franz Schubert|Schubert]]: ''[[Trout Quintet]]''; ''[[Arpeggione Sonata (Schubert)|Arpeggione Sonata]]'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]], [[Pamela Frank]] (tracks 1-5), [[Rebecca Young]]{{dn|date=October 2021}} (tracks 1-5), [[Edgar Meyer]] (tracks 1-5), and [[Barbara Bonney]] (track 9))
*''[[Soul of the Tango]]'', music of [[Ástor Piazzolla]]
*''[[The Tango Lesson]]''
*''[[Seven Years in Tibet (1997 film)|Seven Years in Tibet]]''
*''[[Symphony 1997]]''
*''[[Mozart: The Piano Quartets]]'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]], [[Isaac Stern]], and [[Jaime Laredo]])
*''[[From Ordinary Things]]''
*''[[Goldschmidt: The Concertos]]''
*[[John Tavener]]: ''[[The Protecting Veil]]''
*[[Erich Wolfgang Korngold]]/ Schmidt: ''Music for Strings and Piano Left Hand''
*''Inspired by Bach: "Falling Down Stairs" -- Cello Suite No.3''
*''[[Inspired by Bach]]''
*''Inspired by Bach: "Struggle For Hope" -- Cello Suite No.5''
*''Inspired by Bach: "The Music Garden" -- Cello Suite No.1''
*''Inspired by Bach: "Sarabande" -- Cello Suite No.4''
*''Inspired by Bach: "The Sound of the Carceri" -- Cello Suite No.2''
*''Inspired by Bach: "Six Gestures" -- Cello Suite No.6''
*''[[John Williams Greatest Hits 1969–1999]]''
*''[[My First 79 Years]]''
*''[[Solo (Yo-Yo Ma album)|Solo]]''
*''[[Brahms: Piano Concerto No.2, Cello Sonata Op.78]]''
*''[[Lulie the Iceberg]]''
*''[[Songs and Dances]]''
*''[[Joseph Haydn|Franz Joseph Haydn]]''
*''[[Simply Baroque]]'' (med [[Ton Koopman]] and the [[Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir|Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra]])
*''Dvořák: Piano Quartet No.2 | Brahms: Sonata for Piano and Cello in D major, op. 78'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]], [[Isaac Stern]] (tracks 1-4), and [[Jaime Laredo]] (tracks 1-4))
*''Inspired by Bach, Volume 2 (DVD)''
*''Inspired by Bach, Volume 3 (DVD)''
*[[Tan Dun]]: ''[[Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon]]''
*''[[Inspired by Bach]], Volume 1 (DVD)''
*''[[Corigliano: Phantasmagoria]] (The Fantasy Album)''
*''[[Simply Baroque II]]'' (med [[Ton Koopman]] and the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra)
*''Appalachian Journey Live in Concert (VHS and DVD)''
*''[[Appalachian Journey]]'' (med [[Edgar Meyer]] and [[Mark O'Connor]])
*''[[Dvořák: Piano Quartet No.2, Sonatina in G, Romantic Pieces]]''
*''[[Classic Yo-Yo]]''
*''[[Classical Hits (Yo-Yo Ma album)|Classical Hits]]''
*''[[Heartland: An Appalachian Anthology]]''
*''[[Naqoyqatsi]]: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack'' composed by [[Philip Glass]]
*''Yo-Yo Ma Plays the Music of John Williams''
*[[Silk Road Project|Silk Road Ensemble]]: ''[[Silk Road Journeys: When Strangers Meet]]''
*''Meyer and Bottesini Concertos'' (med [[Edgar Meyer]] (tracks 1-3): ''Concerto for Cello and Double Bass'')
*''[[Paris - La Belle Époque]]''
*''[[Master and Commander: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]]''
*''[[Obrigado Brazil]]''
*''[[The Dvořák Album]]''
*''[[Vivaldi's Cello]]''
*''[[Obrigado Brazil Live]]''
*[[Silk Road Project|Silk Road Ensemble]]: ''[[Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon]]''
*''[[Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone]]'', arranged and conducted by [[Ennio Morricone]]
*''[[Memoirs of a Geisha (soundtrack)]]'' (med [[Itzhak Perlman]]) (komponeret og dirigeret af [[John Williams]])
*''[[Appassionato (Yo-Yo Ma album)|Appassionato]]''
*''[[Dvořák in Prague: a Celebration]]'' (DVD)
*[[Silk Road Project|Silk Road Ensemble]]: ''[[New Impossibilities]]''
*''[[Songs of Joy & Peace (album)|Songs of Joy & Peace]]''
*"Cinema Paradiso" on ''[[Chris Botti]] in Boston''
* ''[[30 Years Outside the Box]]''—Box set includes two bonus disks med various previously unreleased recordings
*''Mendelssohn: Piano Trios and Songs without Words | Beethoven Ghost Piano Trio'' (med [[Emanuel Ax]], [[Itzhak Perlman]] (tracks 1-8), [[Pamela Frank]] (track 14))
*''[[The Goat Rodeo Sessions]]'' (med [[Stuart Duncan]], [[Edgar Meyer]], and [[Chris Thile]])
*''[[Before this World]] (med [[James Taylor]])
*''[[Songs from the Arc of Life]] (med [[Kathryn Stott]])
*[[Silk Road Project|Yo-Yo Ma & Silk Road Ensemble]]: ''Sing Me Home''
* Six Evolutions - Bach: Cello Suites<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=Yo-Yo Ma Wants Bach to Save the World|last=Woolfe|first=Zachary|date=September 18, 2018|work=New York Times|access-date=2018-10-19|language=en}}</ref>
* Beethoven: Triple Concerto & Symphony No. 7 (med [[Anne-Sophie Mutter]] and [[Daniel Barenboim]])<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title="Anne-Sophie Mutter Announces Beethoven: Triple Concerto & Symphony No. 7|last=Kelly|first=Sharon|date=February 14, 2020||access-date=2020-03-25|language=en}}</ref>
* ''[[Not Our First Goat Rodeo]]'' (med [[Stuart Duncan]], [[Edgar Meyer]], and [[Chris Thile]])
== Referencer ==