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Tag: Levering af massebesked
Tag: Levering af massebesked
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== Wikidata weekly summary #496 ==
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<div style="margin-top:10px; padding-left:5px; font-family:Georgia, Palatino, Palatino Linotype, Times, Times New Roman, serif;">''Here's your quick overview of what has been happening around Wikidata over the last week.''</div>
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* '''Discussions'''
** Project chat: [[d:Wikidata:Project_chat#Wikidata_phase_1_regression|Wikidata phase 1 regression (interwikis no longer visible in new layout used by some Wikipedias and its impact on minority languages)]]
* '''[[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Events|Events]]'''
** Upcoming
*** [ Working with Siegfried, Wikidata, and Wikibase]. December 2, 2021 4:00 pm CET
*** Next [[d:Wikidata:WikiProject_Linked_Data_for_Production#LD4-Wikidata_Affinity_Group|Linked Data for Libraries LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group]] call: [[User:Ainali|Jan Ainali]] on [[d:Wikidata:WikiProject Govdirectory|WikiProject Govdirectory]], a tool and associated Wikiproject for building a user-friendly directory of government agencies and their online presence. [ Agenda with call link], November 30.
*** Next [ LD4 Wikibase Working Hour]. Thurs. 16 December 2021, 11AM-12PM Eastern, ([ time zone converter]). "''We will continue work developing our WBStack sandbox which seeks to explore how Wikibase could help track the usage of alternate labels for terms in vocabularies like LCSH''"
*** LIVE Wikidata editing #64 - [ YouTube], [ Facebook], December 4 at 19:00 UTC
*** [[d:Wikidata:Events/Swedish_online_editathon#Träff_#89|Online Wikidata meetup in Swedish #89]], December 5 at 13.00 UTC
** Ongoing
*** Weekly Lexemes Challenge #18, [ Horse]
** Past
*** Wikibase Live session [ log], month of November 2021
*** Introduction to Wikibase (part 1), ISKO UK Hands-on Meetup ([ replay])
* '''[[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Press coverage|Press, articles, blog posts, videos]]'''
** Blogs
*** [ Blog post on how Wikimedia Sweden has worked with two museums to open up their data and make it available on Wikidata] (in Swedish)
*** [ Indigenous knowledge on Wikipedia and Wikidata]
** Videos
*** Video tutorial for Wikidata Scraping, data processing and import (Open Refine) (in Czech) - [ YouTube]
*** (Wikidata intro) how it acts as one of the levers for the discoverability of cultural content in dance (in French) - [ YouTube]
*** Archive and register of sound art / sound artists with Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia (in Spanish) - [ YouTube]
*** Reconciliation server demonstration against Wikidata - [ YouTube]
*** Wikidata: A Magic Portal for Siegfried and Roy - [ YouTube]
* '''Tool of the week'''
** New gadget available in the [[:d:Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets|preferences]]: "compact items" makes the interface on item pages more compact (it was previously a [[:d:User:Jon Harald Søby/compact items.css|gadget for common.css]])
* '''Other Noteworthy Stuff'''
** Wikimedia Deutschland is looking for a [ Full-Stack Developer] to join the Wikidata team.
** Are you doing research around Wikidata? There is a [[m:Grants:Programs/Wikimedia_Research_&_Technology_Fund#Wikimedia_Research_Fund|new fund to support research work around the Wikimedia projects]] that you can apply to.
** [ New strategies for Wikidata and the Wikibase Ecosystem published and waiting for your feedback]. [[m:LinkedOpenData/Strategy2021|Add your comments]]!
* '''Did you know?'''
** Newest [[d:Special:ListProperties|properties]]:
*** General datatypes: [[:d:Property:P10091|death rate]], [[:d:Property:P10093|image with color chart]]
*** External identifiers: [[:d:Property:P10086|Australian Prints + Printmaking artist ID]], [[:d:Property:P10087|Australian Prints + Printmaking work ID]], [[:d:Property:P10088|Dissernet institution ID]], [[:d:Property:P10090|DHAC ID]], [[:d:Property:P10092|Bildatlas-Künstler-ID]], [[:d:Property:P10094|AHPRA registration number]], [[:d:Property:P10095|FRACS Find a Surgeon profile ID]], [[:d:Property:P10096|Databáze her ID]], [[:d:Property:P10097|7 Days person ID]], [[:d:Property:P10098|Oùvoir.ça film ID]]
** New [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Property proposal|property proposals]] to review:
*** General datatypes: [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Corruption Perceptions Index|Corruption Perceptions Index]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/surrounds the enclave|surrounds the enclave]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Harvard Art Museums ID|Harvard Art Museums ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/GISAID identifier|GISAID identifier]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Nextstrain identifier|Nextstrain identifier]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/homophone lexeme|homophone lexeme]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Numista|Numista]]
*** External identifiers: [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/identifiant base Enluminures|identifiant base Enluminures]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/The World of Shakespeare ID|The World of Shakespeare ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ film ID| film ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ film ID| film ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ actor ID| actor ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ actor ID| actor ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Natural History Museum (London) person ID|Natural History Museum (London) person ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ ID| ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Russian Academy of Sciences person ID|Russian Academy of Sciences person ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/The Parliamentary Newspaper ID|The Parliamentary Newspaper ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ author ID| author ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ person ID| person ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Institute of the History of Ukraine scientist ID|Institute of the History of Ukraine scientist ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ person ID| person ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Music of Armenia ID|Music of Armenia ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Encyclopedia of Transbaikalia ID|Encyclopedia of Transbaikalia ID]]
** Query examples:
*** [ Number of items without any statements] (last week: more than 1,300,000)
*** [ Number of items without any statements by sitelinks] (sample: 1757 items link to nlwiki, but have no statements).
*** [ Taxa named after women (by place of birth)] ([ Source])
*** [ List of articles on Blaise Pascal in all Wikipedias, sorted by decreasing article size] ([ Source])
*** [ Texts on French Wikisource by people born in Puy-de-Dôme] ([ Source])
*** [ List of countries by the highest elevation point] ([ Source])
*** [ Number of distinct (UK parliament) seats returning someone who chose to sit elsewhere each year, 1830-1910] ([ Source])
*** [ List of services that support the OpenRefine Reconciliation service] ([ Source])
*** [ Things depicted in art works in the Khalili Collections] ([ Source])
*** [ Images of Wikidata's items linked to UBERON ids] ([ Source])
*** [ Population density of administrative subdivisions exceeding 100,000 km² and 100 inhabitants / km²] ([ Source])
*** [ List of government agencies in Scotland] ([ Source])
*** [ Which day of the week people died on in the Mauthausen concentration camp] ([ Source])
* '''Development'''
** [[d:Wikidata:Mismatch Finder|Mismatch Finder]]: Continued working on last remaining tickets for the first version. Added a footer to the site, improved documentation and added ability to delete a batch of mismatches.
** Made good progress on migrating our on-wiki Vue apps to support the new Vue.createMwApp compatibility layer in MediaWiki core ([[phab:T294465]])
** Continued work on making it possible to define a custom ordering of grammatical features on Lexemes ([[phab:T232557]])
** More research and discussion on mul language code ([[phab:T285156]])
** Discussing with data re-users about their views on the ontology issue classification we worked on earlier this year to get their input ([[c:File:DataQualityDaysontologyissues.pdf|slides from Data Quality Days session]])
[[phab:maniphest/query/4RotIcw5oINo/#R|You can see all open tickets related to Wikidata here]]. If you want to help, you can also have a look at [ the tasks needing a volunteer].
* '''Monthly Tasks'''
** Add labels, in your own language(s), for the new properties listed above.
** Comment on property proposals: [[d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Overview|all open proposals]]
** Contribute to a [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Showcase items|Showcase item]].
** Help [[d:Special:LanguageStats|translate]] or proofread the interface and documentation pages, in your own language!
** [[d:User:Pasleim/projectmerge|Help merge identical items]] across Wikimedia projects.
** Help [[d:Wikidata:Status updates/Next|write the next summary!]]
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