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== [[Erik Mongrain]] ==
Hello Morten LJ,
Could you please write a stub - just a few sentences based on Just 2-5 sentences would be sufficient enough. Please! --[[Bruger:Antaya|Antaya]] 26. jun 2007, 23:25 (CEST)
:Done, I just don't see why ;-) --[[Bruger:Morten LJ|Morten LJ]] 26. jun 2007, 23:30 (CEST)
::Thanks a lot! It's because I don't speak dansk at all! I am a big fan of Mongrain's guitar, and he's a guy from my home town... I want to help him the best I can! Thanks a lot for starting this article, I'll work on it tonight! Take care and long life to you! --[[Bruger:Antaya|Antaya]] 26. jun 2007, 23:59 (CEST)
:::Hello Morten LJ, <br>I really want to thank you to help me with the article about [[Erik Mongrain]]. You've done a great job that was impossible for me to do so; because I don't speak your language (even english is pretty hard sometimes!!!). I don't know if you had time to take a look about this guitarist, but you should see that vido clip : [ AirTap!]... This guy is absolutely amazing! Anyway thanks again, take care and long life to you. --[[Bruger:Antaya|Antaya]] 29. jun 2007, 07:22 (CEST)
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