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:Hi Antaya. I can see that [[Bruger:Morten LJ]] also got your message. Out of curiosity - why do you want someone to write about Erik Mongrain here? There's nothing wrong in asking, but personally I prefer to know why an article request is more relevant than the many request that can be found at [[WP:EA|wanted articles]]. -- [[Bruger:JGC|JGC]] 27. jun 2007, 00:03 (CEST)
::Hello JGC, yes you are right there's a lot wanted articles in all languages. But I'm a huge fan of Erik Mongrain and on the top of that, I'm working on the french, german and english articles about him. I don't know if you had time to take a look about this guitarist, but you should see that video clip : [ AirTap!]... This guy is absolutely amazing! This YOUTUBE video clip has been seen by many people around the world since months, and I think an article about him in the most popular wiki-languages should exist. Anyway thanks again for your help my friend, if you ever need me to translate an article in french, stand by me! Take care and long life to you. --[[Bruger:Antaya|Antaya]] 29. jun 2007, 07:33 (CEST)