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*[ 2004-05-24, Sciencedaily: Tightly Focused Laser Light Generates Nonlinear Effects And Rainbow Of Color] Citat: "..."supercontinuum generation in nonlinear fibers." The phenomenon can be observed in a new class of optical fibers, called photonic crystal fibers. PCFs consist of a tiny solid glass core surrounded by a cladding, or casing, that contains air holes along the length of the fiber...As the IR light propagates, or spreads, through a 1-meter-long fiber, the light appears, first orange, then yellow and finally green...The visible lightwaves emerge from the fiber as white light, which contains all the colors of the spectrum..."
*[ 2004-06-23, Sciencedaily: Wireless Nanocrystals Efficiently Radiate Visible Light] Citat: "...The efficiency of the energy transfer from the quantum well to the nanocrystals was approximately 55 percent - although in theory nearly 100 percent transfer of the energy is possible and might be achieved with further tweaking...The work is another step in creating more efficient white-light-emitting diodes..."
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