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*R. P. Taleyarkhan, C. D. West, J. S. Cho, R. T. Lahey, Jr. R. Nigmatulin, and R. C. Block, "Evidence for Nuclear Emissions During Acoustic Cavitation," ''Science'' 295, 1868 (2002). (see [[bubble fusion]] article for direct link)
*[ 3 March 2005, PhysicsWeb: Bubbles feel the heat] Citat: "...By analysing the light emitted from a single bubble, Suslick and Flannigan were able to measure the temperature at its surface. To their surprise, they found temperatures could reach as high as 20,000 K..."Our results are in such a different set of experimental parameters that they can neither confirm or deny Taleyarkhan’s claims to [[fusion]]," Suslick told PhysicsWeb. "A plasma is a prerequisite but certainly ''not'' a sufficient condition for fusion."..."
**[ 2005-07-14, Sciencedaily: Purdue Findings Support Earlier Nuclear Fusion Experiments] Citat: "...The experiments also yielded a radioactive material called tritium, which is another product of fusion..."
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