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*[ Hydrodynamik 4. Strømlinjer og aerodynamik. M.L. Laursen.]
*[ 10-Jan-2002, UniSci: Closest Model Yet Of The Physics Of Turbulent Flow]
*[ Jun 8 2004, NASA Tests Turbulence Detection System] Citat: "...A [[NASA]] developed technology that can automatically alert pilots of potentially dangerous [[Turbulens|turbulence]] will make its first evaluation flights on a commercial airliner..."
*[ BY JACK WILLIAMS (From Flight Training, June 1997.), Turbulence. What Causes Bumps In The Air] Citat: "..."irregular fluctuations" of the air create the bumps...Beautiful, sunny days with calm winds can create annoying turbulence as bubbles of warm air begin rising, creating [[termik|thermals]]. [[Svævefly|Glider]] pilots love thermals..."
*[ Air Turbulence FAQs]