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Før = [[Best of Both Worlds]] (med [[R. Kelly]])|
Nu = [[The Blueprint²: The Gift & the Curse]]|
Efter = [[The Blueprint 2.1]]|
== Nummerliste ==
=== The Gift (CD 1) ===
# "A Dream" (featuring [[Faith Evans]] and [[Notorious B.I.G.]]) (Produced by [[Kanye West]])
# "I Did It My Way" (featuring [[Paul Anka]]) (Produced by [[Jimi Kendrix]])
=== The Curse (CD 2) ===
# "Diamonds Is Forever" (Produced by [[Ron Feemster]])
# "A Ballad For The Fallen Soldier" (Produced by [[The Neptunes]])
==== Bonus Tracks (ligger på CD 2) ====
# "Show You How" (Bonus Track) (Produced by [[Just Blaze]])
# "Bitches and Sisters" (Bonus Track) (Produced by [[Just Blaze]])
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