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[ This] is my own edit to fr.wikipedia. [[Bruger:Christian Giersing|Christian Giersing]] <sup>[ [[Brugerdiskussion:Christian Giersing|disk]] + [[Speciel:Bidrag/Christian Giersing|bidrag]] + [[Speciel:E-mail/Christian Giersing|e-mail]] ]</sup> 25. aug 2009, 17:21 (CEST)
:Since you got the account [ renamed] a couple of months ago I am a bit surprised by your request. We could simply re-rename [[:fr:user:Bilindustrien|Bilindustrien]] to Christian Giersing, and with the same password and email address logged into your preferences you should be able to unify this account with your main one.
:Should we try like this? (please reply on my [[:fr:user_talk:Popo le Chien|Home talke page]], it's not like I'm coming often around this parts...).
:Regards, [[Bruger:Popo le Chien|Popo le Chien]] 26. aug 2009, 08:49 (CEST)
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