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:Should we try like this? (please reply on my [[:fr:user_talk:Popo le Chien|Home talke page]], it's not like I'm coming often around this parts...).
:Regards, [[Bruger:Popo le Chien|Popo le Chien]] 26. aug 2009, 08:49 (CEST)
::Ok, I have renamed Brilindustrien to Christian Giersing on :fr. Go there, log in as Christian Giersing, and make sure that your password and contact email address are identical here and on your home wiki (presumably the present danish one). If this is not yet the case and the interface appears in French instead of Danish, just go to "[[:fr:Special/Preferences|Préférences]]" (top of page), then "modifier le mot de passe". The box to enter your email address is also at the bottom of the Preferences page.
::Then there should be (also in your preferences/setting page) something along the lines of "manage your global account", which will allow you to unify it if everything has been done properly.
::Should this not work, leave me a note and we'll move to Plan B!
::Regards, [[Bruger:Popo le Chien|Popo le Chien]] 26. aug 2009, 11:22 (CEST)
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