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En grund kunne være, at jeg aldrig har og heller aldrig vil blande mig i den benævnte brugers sager og redigeringer. Og en anden grund kunne være, at jeg altid har redigeret i god tro - og aldrig udøvet hærværk eller vandalisme. Kh. [[Bruger:Victoria|Victoria]] 17. jan 2010, 13:55 (CET)
== Ruwiki ==
Hello, Victoria
I hope you understand English. I am Mstislavl from ruwiki. I am female but my username perceived as male in Russian so I use signature Victoria there. It had been pointed out to me that I shouldn't use a signature that coincides with other person's account name. So would you mind if I usurp your potential Russian nick? This means that if you decide to expand your <s>Dutch</s> Danish account to other Wikimedia projects (so called SUL) you won't be able to do it in ruwiki but it's probably unlikely that you decide to edit ruwiki.--[[Bruger:Mstislavl|Mstislavl]] 19. jan 2010, 14:33 (CET)
:It's a danish account, Victoria (Mstislavl). Oh, these russians! ;-) --[[Bruger:Obersachse|Obersachse]] 19. jan 2010, 19:21 (CET)
::Уважаемые Victoria (Mstislavl). Это нормально, и вполне приемлемо. --[[Bruger:Victoria|Victoria]] 19. jan 2010, 22:47 (CET)