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(Kilde: webchat, [[22. juni]] [[2000]].)
* Om samarbejdet med [[Lars von Trier]] og filmen [[Dancer in the Dark]] ''I wasn't comfortable with the way he worked with his group. My father was a union leader, and very working class, so I definitely didn't agree with the kind of hierarchy that I witnessed in Denmark. Lars has a team of people he's worked with since he was a teenager, and so do I. Of course, I left my team behind to do the film, so when I came back, it was as if I had a big mirror to see how I was communicating.'' (Kilde: Index magazine, juni/juli [[2001]].)
* Om samarbejdet med [[Thomas Knak]] ([[Opiate]]) på singlen "Cocoon": ''I had to go to Denmark for a year. There was nothing going on. I was literally lying on the beach, looking at the ocean, with a ghetto blaster listening to Thomas Knak/Opiate's album. I realised he was from Copenhagen. I just called him up.'' (Kilde: Record Collector, [[August]] [[2002]])g
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