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• Maj 2004. [[James Neil Tucker]], South Carolina, efter at han nægtede at tage stilling til henrettelsesmetoden. James' sidste ord lød "To everyone, I have thought of a million things to say, but they can all be summed up like this. To those I have harmed, my abject apologies and regrets. I am ashamed. To those who must remain and deal with this insane world, my condolences. But be of good cheer. Christ has overcome the world! I know that my redeemer lives. I am leaving this world with a cheerful attitude. Hallelujah."
• Juli 2006. [[Brandon Hedrick]], Virginia, valgte den elektriske stol fremforfrem for sprøjten af frygt for komplikationer med injektionen. Det er muligvis sidste gang, den vil komme i brug. Brandons sidste ord lød "I pray for everybody that believes in Jesus Christ in heaven, and I pray for the people that are unsaved that they will accept Christ because they know not what they do and will accept Christ one day. I’m ready to go and be free."
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