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[[ko:조류 인플루엔자]]
[[ku:Arsima balindeyan]]
[[ln:Gilípi ya ndɛkɛ]]
[[mk:Птичји грип]]
I had a bird that had been bitten! (Please do not DELETE it!)
[[ms:Influenza burung]]
I know people do not you believe it here I'm about to tell. I had a bird named Piju-Maju it had been bitten on the stomach and was HEREBY bitten on the head! But I also know that this is frivolous but let be 'to delete it!
Piju felt bad and had been ill and do not you could fly she was a youth with an amazing family ... Alice and me Anna has operated this one sweet beautiful bird the hacde deep wounds and was not ready to leave his beautiful family but it did it had been bitten by the Lady ****** and ******** * cat but now we do not know much about it more, thanks for listening and do not delete it so if you do!
Written by: Anna & Alice
[[pl:Ptasia grypa]]
[[pt:Gripe aviária]]
[[qu:Pisqu chhulli]]
[[ro:Gripă aviară]]
[[ru:Птичий грипп]]
[[sah:Көтөр тумуута]]
[[si:කුරුළු උණ]]
[[simple:Bird flu]]
[[sk:Vtáčia chrípka]]
[[sl:Ptičja gripa]]
[[sq:Gripi i shpendëve]]
[[sr:Птичји грип]]
[[ta:பறவைக் காய்ச்சல்]]
[[te:బర్డ్ ఫ్లూ]]
[[tl:Trangkasong pang-ibon]]
[[tr:Kuş gribi]]
[[udm:Тылобурдо грипп]]
[[uk:Грип пташиний]]
[[vi:Cúm gia cầm]]
[[wa:Pesse des oujheas]]
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