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Tømmer siden for indhold
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(Tømmer siden for indhold)
Marie Langstrup Pedersen (Born 1986, December) Marie grew up in Denmark with her parents; Marie has a sister and an older brother, Marie is the youngest out the three. Marie is a Danish author.
Marie is the little sister of Steen Langstrup who is a Danish author cartoonist and publisher who owns publishing company 2 Feet. He broke through as a horror author but has since spread to a number of genres in literature voltage and has written two critically acclaimed novels as Stikker (2003) and Panzer (2006). Steen Langstrup’s book “Everything that she wished she did not understand” was the winner of the year’s Danish horror release 2011. www.steenlangstrup.dk
Marie welcomed her first child, a daughter in 2007 and her son in 2010.