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<ref>[ Tree of Live web project: Neornithes, Modern Birds] Quote: "...Introduction...Whether modern birds are most closely related to dinosaurs or crocodylian ancestors is a point of current debate...."</ref>
<ref>[ 20 January, 2005, BBC News: Cretaceous duck ruffles feathers] Citat: "...Fossil remains of a bird that lived 70 million years ago appear to belong to a relative of modern [[and|ducks]] and [[Gås|geese]]..."This is basically an unidentifiable bundle of bones," Alan Feduccia, a bird expert from the University of North Carolina, US, said...And now all of a sudden it's a modern duck..."</ref>
<ref>[ 11 July 2006, Big dinosaurs 'had warmer blood'] Citat: "...The bigger a dinosaur was, the warmer its blood...smallest dinosaurs had temperatures of around 25C, close to environmental temperatures...biggest dinosaurs - had a body temperature of just over 40C...Most animals cannot tolerate body temperatures of above 45C, so [[Apatosaurus]] is both near the upper limit..."</ref>
Senest er der dog igen dukket tvivl op om fugle stammer fra dinosaurer, da man har fundet fugle fra før dinosaurernes tid.
Liste over primitive fugle:
* [[Archaeopteryx]]
* [[Sinornis]]
* [[Microraptor zhaoianus]]
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