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| billedbredde = 250px
| billedtekst = Mufloner i [[Buffalo Zoo]]
| rige = [[AnimalAnimalia]]ia
| række = [[Chordata]]
| klasse = [[MammalMammalia]]ia
| orden = [[Artiodactyla]]
| familie = [[Bovidae]]
| binomial_autoritet = [[Linnaeus]], 1758
'''Muflonen''' (''Ovis aries orientalis''<ref>Wilson & Reeder ([[Mammal Species of the World]]) []</ref>-gruppen) er en underartsgruppe af fåret ''Ovis aries''. ''Ovis aries'' opdeles gerne i mufloner og can be partitioned into the mouflons and the [[urial]]ser (''vignei'' group-gruppen).<ref name="Don E. Wilson 2005">Don E. Wilson, DeeAnn M. Reeder: ''[[Mammal Species of the World]]''. ''A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference'' 3rd Edition; Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2005. ISBN 0-8018-8221-4</ref> Muflonen regnes som en af de to forfædre til alle moderne [[tamfår]].<ref>{{cite web |url= |title= Molecular analysis of wild and domestic sheep questions current nomenclature and provides evidence for domestication from two different subspecies. |author=Hiendleder S, Kaupe B, Wassmuth R, Janke A. |month=May 7 |year=2002 |publisher=Proceedings. Biological sciences, The Royal Society of London |accessdate=August 2, 2006}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA Indicates that Domestic Sheep Are Derived from Two Different Ancestral Maternal Sources: No Evidence for Contributions from Urial and Argali Sheep |author=Hiendleder S, Mainz K, Plante Y, Lewalski H. |month=March |year=1998 |publisher=Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Justus-Liebig University |accessdate=April 10, 2007}}</ref>
== Referencer ==
*[ Developing New Strategies to Manage Mouflon (''Ovis gmelini musimon'') in Hawaii ]
*[ Sheep and mouflon: Like goats, converting native ecosystems to weeds and dust] (Hawaii)