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'''God Bless Our Homeland Ghana''' er [[Ghana |Ghana]]'s national sang[[nationalsang]].
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'''God Bless Our Homeland Ghana''' er [[Ghana |Ghana]]'s national sang.
===Vers 1===
God bless our homeland Ghana,<br />
And make our nation great and strong,<br />
Bold to defend for ever<br />
The cause of Freedom and of Right;<br />
Fill our hearts with true humility,<br />
Make us cherish fearless honesty,<br />
And help us to resist oppressors' rule<br />
With all our will and might for evermore.<br />
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===Vers 2===
Hail to thy name, O Ghana,<br />
To thee we make our solemn vow:<br />
Steadfast to build together<br />
A nation strong in Unity;<br />
With our gifts of mind and strength of arm,<br />
Whether night or day, in mist or storm,<br />
In ev'ry need, whate'er the call may be,<br />
To serve thee, O Ghana, now and evermore.<br />
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===Vers 3===
Raise high the flag of Ghana<br />
And one with Africa advance;<br />
Black Star of hope and honour<br />
To all who thirst for Liberty;<br />
Where the banner of Ghana freely flies,<br />
May the way to freedom truly lie;<br />
Arise, arise, O sons of Ghanaland,<br />
And under God march on for evermore!<br />
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