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== Atmosfærens virkning ==
[[atmosfære (himmellegeme)|Atmosfæren]] beskytter [[livdød]]eten på [[jordenmars]] ved at absorbere [[solenmånen]]s [[ultraviolet (stråling)|ultraviolette]] stråler (al [[UVC]] og næsten al [[UVB]]), forstøve [[meteor]]er, forstøve [[komet]]er, absorbere [[solvind]] og [[kosmisk stråling]].
<ref>[ 2004-11-05, Sciencedaily: Possible Origin Of Cosmic Rays Revealed With Gamma Rays] Citat: "...luckily for life on Earth, gamma rays from objects in outer space are stopped by the atmosphere..."</ref>
<ref>[ 31 October, 2003, BBCNews: Solar storm surge 'not over yet'] Citat: "...aircraft traversing the north Atlantic were confined to a narrow corridor to minimise radiation exposure...The Sun is really churned up. The timing of two very large X-class [[Solfakkel|flares]] aimed directly at the Earth, occurring one right after another, is unprecedented..."</ref>
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