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* Webarchive backup: [ Ingeniøren nr. -3/1999: Dansk gennembrud i fiberoptik] Danske og engelske forskere har sammen bevist, at optisk fiber med huller i kan transportere lys over lange afstande.
* Vejviser: [ Photonic Crystal and Photonic Band Gap Links]
* [ Cnet, August 31, 2000, Why photonics?] Citat: "...Demand for photonic equipment is skyrocketing. Internet traffic on the backbone networks has been doubling every three months and shows no sign of abating. Companies are laying fiber in just about every cross-country right-of-way they can find. First it was along the railways, and now it's the gas pipelines, sewers and just about any conduit you can think of... "
* [ November 3, 2000, Sandia LabNews: Cheesecloth-like photonics device bends light with little loss] Citat: "...the cheesecloth-like structure can be considered essentially a wire for light...Because of the very small light loss, the technique offers the potential of ultimately replacing electronic chips with faster, cooler photonic chips...two-dimensional crystals are cheaper and far easier to build..."
* [ Number 646 #1, July 16, 2003, AIP: Photonic Crystal Shifts Energy] Citat: "...Shawn Lin and his Sandia colleagues, in the course of their studies of photonic crystals, have seemed to challenge the venerable formulation, made by Max Planck a hundred years ago, of what kind of emission spectrum a body should have..."