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* [[/Arkiv 2/]]
== Balkan Brass Battle ([[d:Q12302783]]) ==
Dear friend, with great pleasure I could see that da.Wikipedia is the first with articles about Fanfare Ciocărlia ([[d:Q576332]]) works. I created
* [[Henry Ernst]] ([[d:Q15710904]])
* [[Helmut Neumann]] ([[d:Q15710905]])
* [[Marc Elsner]] ([[d:Q15710969]])
and expanded [[Piranha Musik]] ([[d:Q11224721]]).<br />
I am neither an expert in articles about music nor about record labels ([[d:Q18127]]). Please create some stubs about the involved people before the pages are deleted from Wikidata.<br />
My interests are minority languages as Esperanto, Yiddish etc. Regards ‫·‏[[user:לערי ריינהארט|לערי ריינהארט]]‏·‏[[user talk:לערי ריינהארט|T]]‏·‏[[m:user:לערי ריינהארט|m]]‏:‏[// Th]‏·‏[[m:user talk:לערי ריינהארט|T]]‏·‏[[m:special:Emailuser/לערי ריינהארט|email me]]‏·‏‬ 5. feb 2014, 23:18 (CET)