NiMH-akkumulatorer med lav selvafladning: Forskelle mellem versioner

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Almindelige [[NiMH]]-akkumulatorer taber 5-20% den første dag og taber derefter eksponentielt ca. 0,5-4% af ladningen per dag afhængig af opbevaringstemperaturen
<ref>[ Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Charger and Battery Pack. User’s Manual. Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.] Citat: "...NiMH batteries self-discharge up to 20% in the first 24 hours after charging, then as much as 15% per month. Self-discharge is highly temperature dependent. NiMH batteries self discharge about three times faster at 40&nbsp;°C than at 20&nbsp;°C. Age also effects self discharge. Older battery packs self-discharge faster
than new ones..."</ref>
<ref>[ Battery Power Supply Page] Citat: "...A NiMH battery can lose up to 2% of its charge per day sitting on the shelf..."</ref>
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