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::I have checked a little more of the three women, and in fact I haven't found any places, where Hveger is mentioned with her hosband's name (Andersen). The book about the Danish achievements at the 1952 Olympics actionally only uses Hveger, so my former comment is wrong. Eva Arndt-Riise's maiden name was apparently Arndt, but I haven't found any information about a marriage, so it will be an assumption, that she between the two Olympics in 1936 and 1948 married; in fact in the book about Danish achievements at the 1948 Olympics she is referred to as simply Riise, while she in the same book in a list of previous Danish medals is called Arndt. So maybe she was never actually called Arndt-Riise. Unfortunately, two of the web-pages I used for references at the time of my original writing of the article have disappeared, so the only place, that I have found the double-name is at Finally, Fritze Nathansen apparently originally was called Carstensen-Nathansen, but for some reason she seems to have dropped Carstensen. Again, only refers to her as Carstensen (-Nathansen). I have not been able to find any information of marriages of Arndt or Nathansen. --[[Bruger:Amjaabc|Arne (Amjaabc)]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Amjaabc|diskussion]]) 6. apr 2015, 18:02 (CEST)
:::Thank you so much for your response, I'll ask Trijnstel where she found reference of the marriage of Eva Arndt. [[Bruger:Peter b|Peter b]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Peter b|diskussion]]) 6. apr 2015, 20:56 (CEST)
:::Hi Arne! On [ this genealogy website] you can find that [[Eva Arndt]] married Boris Holger Riise on 4 September 1941. They had two sons in 1941 and 1946. Only thing is that her death date on that website (17 June 1993) doesn't correspond with [] (18 June 1993). I assume for now that the genealogy website made a mistake with the dates and used the date from, though you/we could always contact the site owner and ask him how he found out that date: :-) And of course, isn't always right either. This proves it again as they inadvertently assumed that Arndt-Riise was Arndts maiden name. BTW, one of the dead links can be retrived via, see [ here]. And with regards to [[Fritze Nathansen]]: [] made a mistake with her name as well. Her maiden name is Nathansen and around 1948 she married a guy named Niels Jørgen Carstensen, see [ here]. (And not the other way around, like suggests.) A search on (the Dutch newspaper databank) confirms that. A newspaper from 1948 says: ''"Fritzi Nathansen - now Mrs Carstensen"'' []. Anyhow, I think the safest way is to use their maiden names and to mention the names of their husbands in their articles. I'm just not sure about the order... <maiden name-husbands name or other way around?> [[Bruger:Trijnstel|Trijnstel]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Trijnstel|diskussion]]) 7. apr 2015, 17:12 (CEST)