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→‎Eksempler: Nogle anagrammer på engelsk.
(→‎Eksempler: Nogle anagrammer på engelsk.)
Herunder er nogle danske eksempler på anagrammer:
*Kaste = taske
*[[Knud]] = dunk
*Amok = [[koma]]
*[[Pia Kjærsgaard]] - Kaja græd i Spar
Nogle engelske eksempler:
*''Schoolmaster = the classroom
*''[[Marie Curie|Madame Curie]] = [[radium]] came
*''The [[morse]] code = here come dots
*''Desperation = a rope ends it
*''The meaning of life = the fine game of nil
''It is the fortieth anniversary of the best-selling composition "[[Bohemian Rhapsody]]", as performed by the British progressive rock band [[Queen]]. <ref></ref>
1. ''[[Freddie Mercury]] (vocals and piano)
2. ''[[Brian May]] (guitar and vocals)
3. ''[[John Deacon]] (bass guitar)
4. ''[[Roger Taylor]] (the drums)
''Thousands nod - a very rich, electrifying orchestral single.
1. ''Farrokh Bulsara. Born as a noble, emotive Parsi. Got [[AIDS]], died.
2. ''CBE, PhD (preeminent astrophysics professor)
3. ''Most junior, born in Oadby - not a great singer (a quavery voice)
4. ''Rhythm - but it made him deaf