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I have noticed your enthusiastic edits, which are welcomed; however, please be aware that dawp is not enwp and pay attention to the fact that it is difficult to edit in a language that you do not master. Google translate may help to get an idea of the content of a text in a foreign language, but cannot be used for edits on dawp. --[[Bruger:Pugilist|Pugilist]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Pugilist|diskussion]]) 4. jul 2016, 11:25 (CEST)
:At var ikke en sprog problem, men en "dawp" problem. Men, jeg forstår hvad du fortæller mig omsiger. Tak. ---[[Bruger:Atcovi|Atcovi]] [[Brugerdiskussion:Atcovi|(diskussion]] - [[Speciel:Bidrag/Atcovi|bidrag)]] 4. jul 2016, 19:10 (CEST)