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:At var ikke en sprog problem, men en "dawp" problem. Men, jeg få hvad du siger. Tak. ---[[Bruger:Atcovi|Atcovi]] [[Brugerdiskussion:Atcovi|(diskussion]] - [[Speciel:Bidrag/Atcovi|bidrag)]] 4. jul 2016, 19:10 (CEST)
::Correct, that was an example of differences in dawp and enwp. A more subtle example of the difficulties in editing in a language that is not mastered is [ this edit]. I'm pretty sure that you wanted to express that the player is a 'retired' player and I guess you looked up the translation for 'retired' and found 'pensioneret'. However, it is a not a very good translation, as being 'pensioneret' in Danish has a different meaning in this context. - I admit that we do have several articles with [[danglish]] and other semantic problems, but we do not need more. --[[Bruger:Pugilist|Pugilist]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Pugilist|diskussion]]) 4. jul 2016, 20:52 (CEST)
:::Hvad?? jeg findes "pensioneret" i andre artikler (for "retired"), og jeg har ikke artikler med "danglish", jeg tænker min artikler er god. ---[[Bruger:Atcovi|Atcovi]] [[Brugerdiskussion:Atcovi|(diskussion]] - [[Speciel:Bidrag/Atcovi|bidrag)]] 4. jul 2016, 20:58 (CEST)