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Gennem lovgivningen overtog LPTB de følgende anliggender:
{{main|List of transport undertakings transferred to the London Passenger Transport Board}}
Under the Act the LPTB acquired the following concerns:
*[[Underground Electric Railways Company of London]], whichder controlledkontrollerede:
** [[London Electric Railway]], thebestyrerselskabet management company ofaf:
*[[Underground Electric Railways Company of London]], which controlled:
** [[London Electric Railway]], the management company of:
*** [[Baker Street & Waterloo Railway|Bakerloo line]]
*** [[Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway|Piccadilly line]]
*** [[Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway|Hampstead & Highgate line]] (nownu [[Northern line]]s Charing Cross-, Edgware- andog High Barnet branches-grene)
** [[City and South London Railway]] (nownu Northern linelines Bank- andog Morden branches-grene)
** [[Central London Railway]]
** [[District Railway]]
* [[Metropolitan Railway]], whichder controlledkontrollerede:
** [[Northern City Line|Great Northern & City Railway]]
* [[London County Council Tramways|London County Council]] (269 ({{convert|167.17|mi|km}} of routerute, includinginklusive tracksspor ownedejet by theaf Borough of Leyton and theog City of London) andog 1,.713 tramssporvogne)
*[[Middlesex County Council]] ({{convert|42.63|mi|km}}68,6 ofkm routerute, leasedleaset totil Metropolitan Electric Tramways)
*[[Hertfordshire County Council]] ({{convert|21.5|mi|km}}34,6 km of routerute, leasedleaset totil Metropolitan Electric Tramways)
*[[City of London]] ({{convert|0.25|mi|km}},4 km of routerute, operatedoperaret byaf London County Council)
*[[Municipal Borough of Barking|Barking]] Corporation (operatedopereret byaf Ilford Corporation, London County Council andog East Ham Corporation sincesiden 1929) ({{convert|1.8|mi|2,9 km}} of routerute)
*[[Municipal Borough of Bexley|Bexley]] andog [[Municipal Borough of Dartford|Dartford]] Urban District Councils (jointfælles undertakingforetagende sincesiden 1921) ({{convert|10.29|mi|16,6 km}} ofrute route andog 33 tramssporvogne)
*[[Croydon Corporation Tramways]] ({{convert|14,9.28|mi| km}} of route andrute og 55 tramssporvogne)
*[[East Ham Corporation Tramways]] ({{convert|8.34|mi|13,4 km}} rute of route and og 56 tramssporvogne)
*[[Erith Urban District Council Tramways]] ({{convert|6,4|mi| km}})
*[[Ilford Urban District Council Tramways]] ({{convert|7.13|mi|11,5 km}} rute of route and og 40 tramssporvogne)
*[[Leyton Urban District Council Tramways|Leyton Corporation Tramways]] (operatedopereret byaf London County Council sincesiden 1921) ({{convert|9.0|mi|14,5 km}} of routesrute)
*[[Walthamstow Urban District Council Light Railways]] ({{convert|8.93|mi|14,4 km}} rute of route and og 62 tramssporvogne)
*[[West Ham Corporation Tramways]] Corporation ({{convert|16.27|mi|km}}26,2 ofkm routerute andog 134 tramssporvogne)
*[[London United Tramways]] ({{convert|29.05|mi|46,8 km}} of routerute, 150 tramssporvogne andog 61 [[Trolleybuses in London|trolleybusestrolleybus]]ser)
*[[Metropolitan Electric Tramways]] ({{convert|53.51|mi|km}}86,1 ofkm routerute, ofhvoraf which15,1 {{convert|9.38|mi|km}} werevar ownedejet byaf theselskabet, company74,4 {{convert|46.23|mi|km}} leasedleaset fromfra Middlesex County Council andog 34,6 {{convert|21.5|mi|km}} fromfra Hertfordshire County Council, andsamt 316 tramssporvogne)
*[[South Metropolitan Electric Tramways]] ({{convert|13.08|mi|21,1 km}} of route andrute og 52 tramssporvogne)<ref>''London's Trams and Trolleybuses'', John R. Day, published by London Transport 1979</ref>
===BusesBusser andog coachesrutebiler===
* London General, London General Country Services, Overground, Tilling & British Automobile Traction, Green Line Coaches