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== Translation ==
Hi Bruno Meireles.
You write that you is able to contribute with an intermediate level of Danish, but your translation of the article [[Camila Morgado]], looks like a [[Google Translate|Google translation]] of the Spanish [[:es:Camila Morgado]].
First, when upload a text, there isn't written by you, then at least in the "Edit summary", you should write where the text comes from.
Secondly, if you isn't able to write Danish at an intermediate level, then ask for assistance. Example, I don't think that Camila Morgado is a male, she looks very female, and all other Wiki's have described her as a female, but you have described her as a male.
Best regards, --[[Bruger:Kjeldjoh|Kjeldjoh]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Kjeldjoh|diskussion]]) 19. mar 2018, 08:05 (CET)