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:Skriv det om. Værre er problemet ikke. Og i øvrigt kan der snildt være russiske slaver inden Rusland. Det fremgår af [[Ruslands historie]]. --[[Bruger:Palnatoke|Palnatoke]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Palnatoke|diskussion]]) 6. nov 2014, 23:20 (CET)
:[[Palnatoke|Palnatoke]] [[Bruger:PerV|mvh Per (PerV)]] Article needs to be marked: it isn't enough truth innuendo and ukrainophobian
Article frank historical nonsense. This article is written in style of [[Russification of Ukraine]] That is ejections of Ukraine from historical process.There is no Category Ukraine does this article nonprofessional. Here outright violation of a neutrality.
Created according to literary trash of pseudo-promotion of the Kremlin and from dictation of the Russian propagandists. Purpose of this article: to take out a lie of the Russian pseudo-propaganda in minds of Europeans. Russians want that Europeans looked at Ukrainians and Belarusians as on subspecies of Russians. As on territories which allegedly always were with Russia and never the had anything Here history of ukraisnky and Russian Orthodoxy is dumped in one Russian каструлю. In this kastrula the dish of the Russian lie and untold is welded and instinuation it isn't written Here that Moscow in the 1690th years has got into conflict with the Universal Constantinople Patriarch - and I liquidated the Kiev mother country. Elimination of the Kiev mother country and violent accession of churches of the Ukrainian territory - doesn't admit still. The universal patriarch Constantinople has reminded in the letter to the Russian patriarch of it in 1992. It has given the grounds to start process of granting autonomy to the Ukrainian church. It is expected that Ukraine will receive autonomy and will have the Ukrainian church (separate completely from Russia) to the 1030 anniversary of the Christianization of Kievan Rus'. That is by the end of July, 2018.