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Dear Gaudio. I understand that you are trying to create articles through translation software. I admire your efforts, but please take a look at [[Special:Diff/9987499|my corrections]] in the [[Delfina Bunge]]-article. If you don't do these corrections yourself, the articles is in high risk of deletion. Kind regards [[Bruger:Tøndemageren|Tøndemageren]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Tøndemageren|diskussion]]) 2. jul 2019, 11:37 (CEST)
:Jeg havde et lille problem!, ''I thought you'd realised. ''
:Tak![[Bruger:Gaudio|Gaudio]] [[Bruger:Gaudio|Gaudio]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Gaudio|diskussion]]) 3. jul 2019, 19:2627 (CEST)