Brook Benton

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Brook Benton (egentlig Benjamin Franklin Peay, 19. september 1931 i Camden, South Carolina9. april 1988 i Queens, New York City) var en amerikansk singer-songwriter, der havde sine rødder i soultraditionen og var populær i slutningen af 1950'erne og begyndelsen af 1960'erne.

Brook Benton
Brook Benton i 1959
Født Benjamin Franklin Peay
9. april 1988 (56 år)
Lugoff, South Carolina, USA Rediger på Wikidata
Oprindelse Queens, New York City, USA
Død 9. april 1988 (56 år) Rediger på Wikidata
Queens, New York, USA Rediger på Wikidata
Beskæftigelse Sanger, sangskriver, skuespiller
Aktive år 1948–1988
Pladeselskab Okeh, Mercury, Cotillion, RCA

Benton begyndte i gruppen The Camden Jubilee Singers i hjembyen, men flyttede i 1948 til New York. Hans gennembrudshit It's Just A Matter Of Time ramte tredjepladsen på Billboard-listen i september 1959. Derefter fulgte over 50 hitlisteplaceringer, bl.a. Baby (You've Got What It Takes) med Dinah Washington i 1960, The Boll Weevil Song fra 1961, Hotel Happiness fra 1962 og Rainy Night In Georgia fra 1970. Mange af hans hits var han selv medforfatter til.

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Album redigér

År Album Højeste hitlisteplacering
US 200
1959 It's Just a Matter of Time
1960 I Love You in So Many Ways
The Two of Us (with Dinah Washington)
Songs I Love to Sing (Verve)
1961 Golden Hits 82
The Boll Weevil Song and 11 Other Great Hits 70
1962 If You Believe 77
Singing the Blues – Lie to Me 40
1963 Golden Hits, Volume 2 82
Best Ballads of Broadway
1964 Born to Sing the Blues
Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got) 156
1969 Do Your Own Thing 189
1970 Brook Benton Today 27 4
Homestyle 199
1971 The Gospel Truth
1972 Story Teller
1973 Something for Everyone
1976 This is Brook Benton
(released in the UK as "Mister Bartender")
1977 Makin' Love Is Good for You
The Incomparable Brook Benton – 20 Greatest Hits (Warwick)
1979 Ain't No Good
So Close
1981 Brook Benton Sings the Standards
1983 20 Golden Pieces of Brook Benton
Beautiful memories of Christmas
1984 Soft
1989 Forty Greatest Hits (compilation)
2002 Rainy Night in Georgia (compilation, remastered)
2021 Just A Matter of Time (compilation)
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.

Singler redigér

År Titel Højeste hitlisteplacering Album
US Pop
CB Pop
1955 "The Kentuckian Song"
b/w "Ooh" (Non-album track)
Brook Benton at His Best!!!
"Some of My Best Friends"
b/w "Bring Me Love"
1956 "Love Made Me Your Fool"
b/w "Give Me a Sign"
1957 "The Wall"
b/w "All My Love Belongs to You" (from The Soul of Brook Benton)
"Come On, Be Nice"
b/w "I Wanna Do Everything for You" (from Brook Benton)
Non-album track
1958 "A Million Miles from Nowhere"
b/w "Devoted"
82 Brook Benton
1959 "It's Just a Matter of Time" 3 2 1 It's Just a Matter of Time
"Hurtin' Inside" 78 23 Golden Hits
"Endlessly" 12 11 3 28 Endlessly
"So Close" 38 60 5 I Love You In So Many Ways
"Thank You Pretty Baby" 16 10 1 Golden Hits
"With All of My Heart" 82 66
"So Many Ways" 6 3 1 I Love You In So Many Ways
"I Want You Forever" 103 Non-album track
"This Time of the Year"
b/w "Nothing In The World (Could Make Me Love You More Than I Do)" (first pressings)
"How Many Times" (later pressings)
66 65 12 Non-album tracks
1960 "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)"
b/w "I Do"
(Both sides with Dinah Washington)
5 2 1 The Two of Us
"The Ties That Bind" 37 23 15 Golden Hits
"Hither and Thither and Yon" 58 49
"A Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around and Fall In Love)"
b/w "I Believe"
(Both sides with Dinah Washington)
7 5 1 The Two of Us
"Kiddio" 7 3 1 41 Golden Hits
"The Same One" 16 16 21
"Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)" 24 15 5 50 Songs I Love to Sing
"Someday You'll Want Me to Want You" 93 Non-album track
"This Time of the Year"
b/w "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year"
Non-album tracks
1961 "Think Twice" 11 6 Golden Hits Volume 2
"For My Baby" 28 24 2 Non-album track
"The Boll Weevil Song" 2 2 2 1 30 The Boll Weevil Song
"Your Eyes" 115 Non-album track
"Frankie and Johnny" 20 16 14 6 The Boll Weevil Song
"It's Just a House Without You" 45 71 8 Golden Hits Volume 2
b/w "Really, Really" (Non-album track)
15 16 12
1962 "Shadrack" 19 29 If You Believe
"The Lost Penny" 77 94
"Walk on the Wild Side"
b/w "Somewhere in the Used to Be" (Non-album track)
43 42 Golden Hits Volume 2
"Hit Record" 45 36 19
"Thanks to the Fool" 106 86 Non-album track
"Lie to Me" 13 10 3 Singing the Blues
"With the Touch of Your Hand" 120 126 Non-album track
"Still Waters Run Deep" 89 81 Golden Hits Volume 2
1963 "Hotel Happiness" 3 6 2
"I Got What I Wanted" 28 22 4 14 Singing the Blues
"Dearer Than Life" 59 72 Non-album track
"My True Confession" 22 29 7 8 Singing The Blues
"Tender Years" 87
"Two Tickets to Paradise"
b/w "Don't Hate Me"
32 30 15 8 Non-album tracks
"Baby, You've Got It Made" (w/ Damita Jo) 111 133
"Stop Foolin'" (w/ Damita Jo) 108 87
"You're All I Want for Christmas"
b/w "This Time of the Year"
1964 "Going Going Gone"
b/w "After Midnight"(from Born to Sing the Blues)
35 30 5 11 On the Countryside
"Another Cup of Coffee" 47 40 4 13 Non-album track
"Too Late to Turn Back Now" 43 38 8 14 This Bitter Earth
"A House Is Not a Home"
b/w "Come On Back"
75 50 6 13 Non-album tracks
b/w "Don't Do What I Did (Do What I Say)"
53 47 11 15 This Bitter Earth
"Do It Right" 67 58 33
"Please, Please Make It Easy" 119
1965 "The Special Years"
b/w "Where There's a Will (There's a Way")
129 109 Non-album tracks
"Love Me Now"
b/w "A Sleepin' at the Foot of the Bed"
100 97 37
"Mother Nature, Father Time"
b/w "Where There's Life (There's Still Hope)"
53 43 26 9 Mother Nature, Father Time
1966 "Only a Girl Like You"
b/w "While There's Life (There's Still Hope)"
122 102 Non-album tracks
"Too Much Good Lovin'"
b/w "A Sailor Boy's Love Song"
"Break Her Heart"
b/w "In the Evening by Moonlight"
"If Only You Knew"
b/w "So True in Life, So True in Love"
"Our First Christmas Together"
b/w "Silent Night"
1967 "All My Love Belongs to You"
b/w "Wake Up"
"Keep the Faith, Baby"
b/w "Going to Soulsville"
"Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)"
b/w "You're the Reason I'm Living"
78 88 37 Laura, What's He Got That I Ain't Got
1968 "Weakness in a Man"
b/w "The Glory of Love" (from Laura, What's He Got That I Ain't Got)
36 Non-album tracks
"Lonely Street"
b/w "Instead (of Loving You)"
"Do Your Own Thing"
b/w "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself"
99 128 26
1969 "Touch 'Em with Love"
b/w "She Knows What to Do for Me"
"Nothing Can Take the Place of You"
b/w "Woman Without Love"
74 67 11
1970 "Rainy Night in Georgia"
b/w "Where Do I Go from Here"
4 2 1 2 Brook Benton Today
"My Way"
b/w "A Little Bit of Soap"
72 48 25 35
"Don't It Make You Want to Go Home"
b/w "I've Gotta Be Me" (from Brook Benton Today)
45 48 31 4 Home Style
1971 "Shoes"
b/w "Let Me Fix It" (from Home Style)
67 52 18 18 Story Teller
"Heaven Help Us All"
b/w "Whoever Finds This (I Love You)" (from Home Style)
120 The Gospel Truth
"Take a Look at Your Hands"
b/w "If You Think God Is Dead"
"Please Send Me Someone to Love"
b/w "She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye"
Story Teller
"A Black Child Can't Smile"
b/w "If You Think God Is Dead" (from The Gospel Truth)
Non-album tracks
"Soul Santa"
b/w "Let Us All Get Together with the Lord" (from The Gospel Truth)
1972 "Movin' Day"
b/w "Poor Make Believer"
Story Teller
"If You Got the Time"
b/w "You Take Me Home Honey"
104 Something for Everyone
1973 "Lay Lady Lay"
b/w "A Touch of Class"
107 Non-album tracks
1974 "South Carolina"
b/w "All That Love Went to Waste"
1976 "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"
b/w "Weekend with Feathers"
This Is Brook Benton
1978 "Making Love Is Good for You"
b/w "Better Times"
49 Makin' Love Is Good for You
b/w "Glow Love"
"–" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.

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