Bruger:Harlekin96/ide til norm for biografiske artikler

Firm standards for certain types of articles Biography articles presently vary very much in style and layout. I think it would be helpful if some cathegories of subject matter followed some common guidelines. For instance with regards to biographies, I imagine something like this could be a standard:

INTRODUCTION (one paragraph only)Rediger


portrait (if possible)[1]
Original full name
Alias name (if applicable)
nationality (+ previous nationalites if applicable)
birthdate (when known)[2]
birthplace (when known)
date of death (if applicable)
place of death (if applicable)
primary occupation(s)[3]
As an alternative all this information could also be placed in a readymade template


Career positions past and presentRediger

Accomplishments in chronological order (different subsections for each field of work)Rediger

(several if applicable)

Personal and family life (including present status if applicable)Rediger

Opinions and Quotes (if applicable)Rediger

including political affiliations


1. Work list(s)Rediger

  • title 1 - explanation
  • title 2 - explanation
  • title 3 - explanation
  • etc.

2. Official appreciation (including prizes, knighthood etc. if applicable)Rediger

  • Name of recognition - date - description
  • Name of recognition - date - description
  • Name of recognition - date - description
  • Name of recognition - date - description

3. See alsoRediger

  • Link 1
  • Link 2
  • Link 3
  • etc.

4. External referencesRediger

  • www-link 1.
  • www-link 2.
  • www-link 3.

5. FootnotesRediger


Some of the advantages by this approch would be, that you did'nt have to spend time worrying about how to organise your encyclopedian facts. That has already been taken care of. Another advantage would be, that it would then be far easier to compare different biographic articles and to rewiev them as well. ~~~~

  1. ^ Footnote
  2. ^ Footnote
  3. ^ Footnote