Denne side er Nikolaj Winthers private sandkasse til at afprøve redigeringsrelaterede ting. Rettelser fra andre end Lads er ikke nødvendigvis velsete - spørg på diskussionsiden.

Copenhagen Lads in englishRediger

Copenhagen Lads is a group supporting the football club FC København. Officially founded December 4, 1997, allthough it had existed a couple of years prior to that. The group only reluctantly accepts new members, which is mainly why there presently are only 17 members. Their slogan is We're not your friends, we're the Lads. In spite of the content of the slogan they are declared pacifists.' Din mor er pisse klam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!olars, which led to several newspapers running the story. Subsequently a theolocigal professon, Povl Götke, wrote a book about football supporters an religion in which Copenhagen Lads played a dominant part.