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→‎Tilbagerulning af Au Pair dansk side: ideally you fix your own errors
(→‎Tilbagerulning af Au Pair dansk side: ideally you fix your own errors)
:::{{ping|Billinghurst}} Yet still you don't remove those for some reason! In the [[Hjælp:Kilder/Pålidelige kilder]] it says: ''Eksempler på kilder som ikke er egnede: Ugeblade, Private hjemmesider, blogs, osv, hvor forfatteren og vedkommendes faglige baggrund er ukendt.'' So I was right when I deleted 404 link to a newspaper article, but you revert my changes (specifying that I may not delete the links I deleted), on what purpose? Please explain your decision of making choice of what unreliable sources may be published (even they are dead) and what may not! [[Bruger:Miokatu|Miokatu]]
::::I am not following you around the wiki, and I am not the wiki police.<p>This is a wiki, a collaborative effort, and it is best to educate you to fix your own edits, and the edits of others, if you are truly here to build a better wiki. So now you know, please go and fix your errors. [[Bruger:Billinghurst|Billinghurst]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Billinghurst|diskussion]]) 15. jul 2020, 23:27 (CEST)