Andre Engels

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I am an interwiki user from the Dutch Wikipedia, mostly known for my bot [[Bruger:Robbot|Robbot]].
Rob Hooft has run his robot (also used on da: by [[Bruger:Christian List|Christian List]]) on the Dutch wikipedia, and also collected missing backlinks both to nl: and to other languages. The missing links to da: are given on my [[Brugerdiskussion:Andre Engels|discussion page]]. [[Bruger:Andre Engels|Andre Engels]] 21. okt 2003 kl.17:43 (CEST)
:Thank you for giving us this list, I have run [[Bruger:Robot|Robot]] through the complete list now. -- [[Bruger:Christian List|Christian List]] 15. nov 2003 kl.02:00 (CET)
Hi Andre, I saw your bot around the it: wiki, now that we are on the new software. I am glad that we'll start having lots of interwiki links! [[:it:Utente:Alfio|Alfio]]
[[af:Gebruiker:Andre Engels]]