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*[ Flying Dinosaurs] Citat: "...pterosaurs...were not dinosaurs, although they were related to them; they were flying reptiles..."
*[ Microraptor] Citat: "...Microraptor zhaoianus...The discovery of a 130-million-year-old fossil of a feathered dinosaur provides dramatic evidence that birds evolved from the ancient reptiles, according to new research...Theropod dinosaurs and birds share about 100 anatomical features, including a wishbone, swiveling wrists and three forward-pointing toes. Norell said dromaeosaurs were theropod dinosaurs thought to be most closely related to birds..."
*[ 13 October 2005 BBC News: Bird-like dinosaur forces rethink] Citat: "...A rooster-sized [[dinosaur]] with a long, slender snout and wing-like limbs is forcing a rethink on bird evolution...The authors say the discovery [[Rahonavis]] and [[Buitreraptor]] have long and wing-like forelimbs could imply that flight evolved twice, once in birds and once among this group of [[Gondwana]]n [[dromaeosaur]]s..."
*[ 2005-10-18, Sciencedaily: Wright Brothers Upstaged! Dinos Invented Biplanes] Citat: "..."It seems likely that [[Microraptor]] invented the [[biplan]]e 125 million years before the [[Brødrene Wright|Wright]] 1903 Flyer."..."