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you have blocked user:Konst2010 because of spam. Unfortunately, after this he had global problems with an account; he wrote to OTRS team and it was [[meta:Steward requests/Global#Global unlock for konst2010|a request for stewards]] written. I was surprised to see the action for which this user has been blocked, and was surprised for block's term. I don't know the Danish rules on locking, is it possible to get your comment about this? [[Bruger:Lvova|Lvova]] 30. sep 2011, 15:00 (CEST)
:The user was blocked because of cross-wiki spam. The Danish Wikipedia is not allowed to spam with links that do not refer to the text of the articles. Read more here -> [[Wikipedia:Stilmanual#Noter.2Fkilder.2Fhenvisninger|stilmanual]] ''(danish)''. Best regards --[[Bruger:Pixi Uno|Pixi Uno]] 30. sep 2011, 15:13 (CEST)
:: I see a weak connection between these links and the subject of the article, and this rule (prohibition to add links if they are not footnotes) seems not obviously (and the language barrier exists too). I'm sorry, that the user wasn't notified before blocking, according to his letter he had absolutely good faiths. [[Bruger:Lvova|Lvova]] 30. sep 2011, 15:30 (CEST)